How to erase an SED SSD?

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    Hello Guys,

    I got stuck again with an encrypted SSD.
    SanDisk X300s (SED) - Notebook was from Fujitsu (E Series 2013, don't remember the model, sry).

    So, the Notebook, where it was installed, past away and now we just want to re-use this drive again.
    Nothing else.
    No password recovery, no data recovery, none of these, just a clean "factory reset" to re-use the ssd.

    And now I can't factory reset it, but why?
    At startup it wants @ password which nobody knows (the standard sandisk pw are not working @ all)
    I used the offical utilitys:
    1. Crypto Erase Tool, says it is not encrypted at all.
    2. Sanitize, starts, stopped at 4% and says that it could not do it cause this drive is password protected.
    (The "Security Status" says "Security activated (ATA secure, enabled in BIOS)")
    3. Secure Erase, also is not able to erase it.

    After doing some research I read this article:

    So should I just write it down as "dead" or is there anything I could still do to re-use it again?

    Thank you for your help!

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