how to flash gigabyte backup bios

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    bad eng

    for gigabyte dual bios,
    sometime, people say my gigabyte mb bios is using mod bios and use about ?? month or ?? year is ok,but today open the computer M$ say is not genuine,i insert key or cert still not genuine,why?
    1st use slic toolkit check bios hv slic or not,if no slic
    don't worry,maybe bios auto recover back ,now i tell u how to manually flash Backup Bios
    if u flash moded bios and confirm no problem

    power on press Alt + F12,u will see

    "Press [Enter] to start copying Main Bios to Backup Bios..."
    then press enter wait writing to B_bios 100% is ok
    next time if u bios auto recovery back still hv slic

    go to cmos press F9 u will see B & M bios ver