How to get a Windows 10 PC for free, no really, not j/k

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by eatup, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. eatup

    eatup MDL Member

    Jun 22, 2014
    This only works if you use your current computer (electricity) a lot. Ever have an old [but Windows 10-capable] laptop or desktop that is just chugging along and wished you could have the latest and greatest essentially for free? Here is how:

    Sit down and calculate the cost (electrical consumption) of operating your current computer (or laptop) for one year. You will need to know the rates your utility company charges per kWhr at various times of the day, and also the average power consumption of your PC. It will help if you have a Watt meter to measure the power drain of your computer. If you don't have a Watt meter, just use these generic values: 50W for a laptop, 120W for a desktop. If the cost of operating your PC for one year exceeds $75, then you can do this to get a new PC for free:

    Get a dual Windows 10 + Android 8" Chinese tablet from eBay that costs no more than $120 shipped from China. The model I most highly recommend is the Cube iWork8 as I am currently writing this post from this very high quality model tablet. It comes with 2GB RAM, a quad-core CPU fast enough to play 1080p videos smoothly, and plenty of internal disk space with a 32GB eMMC drive. So here's how the free computer part works out:

    Option 1: Continue to use your current computer, pay the utility company +$75/yr to power it
    $75 yr 1
    $75 yr 2
    $75 yr 3

    Option 2: Buy a cheap (but very powerful) tablet from eBay like the Cube iWork8, pay the utility company no more than $25 to power it for one year
    $25 yr 1 + $50 towards cost of tablet
    $25 yr 2 + $50 towards cost of tablet
    $25 yr 3 + $20 towards cost of tablet + $30 for accessories (like USB chargers/charging cables/micro SD cards)
    Bonus: $25 power cost actually includes operating your laptop for 12 hours on the weekends, or about 5 weekend hours if you own a desktop

    So, there you have it. If you choose the tablet route instead of continue to use your current/old PC, it comes at the cost of "free" after 3 years. The only assumption I am making is the tablet will last three years, which I'm pretty confident of since the iWork8 comes from a very reputable company located in China's tech hub, Shenzhen.

    Btw, pitfalls for ppl to avoid (my personal experience):
    The best under $10 USB charger that is safe and high quality is the Blizwolf USB charger on Banggood (it's the one that has over 70 positive reviews and no bad ones) just make sure you get one with US plug in u live in US.
    All micro SD cards sold on eBay have fake capacities, but if you need one you can get a 16GB one for $7 from an eBay seller called BuyInCoins (they have multiple eBay usernames like ebalan, etc.), actual capacity is around 6 GB, and you will need to reformat everyday (to avoid data corruption, just wipe it clean with a format before copying new files onto it) so it's only for temporary storage (ie. to transfer files to your computer or to copy a TV show on it to watch later), so don't store important things like family photos on it long term.
    The micro USB to regular sized USB dongle that comes with the tablet is unreliable for data transfer, the reliable adapters can be had for $1 from eBay that has no cable in between, just a short neck between adapter ends.
    Most charging cables on eBay are slow trickle chargers, the ones that charges the tablet really fast are called 28/24AWG cables, so make sure this is found in the item's description, by looking it should also have a thicker cable to allow more electrons to move thru it.

    Btw, the recent bout of Samsung devices catching on fire in the news. It was revealed later that the batteries were made in Vietnam and/or India. Batteries used in devices coming from Shenzhen are high quality Chinese ones that do NOT catch on fire. The battery powering my iWork8 tablet is probably made by the same Chinese companies that make lithium polymer batteries for Lenovo tablets, or Huawei smafos.

    These next parts are important so I will save it for the next post:

    (I G2G, check back later for part 2 of the post)
  2. Enthousiast

    Enthousiast MDL Tester

    Oct 30, 2009
    Really, a cheap chinese 8" tablet to replace a real pc? This is just a TellSell commercial to me....
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  3. eatup

    eatup MDL Member

    Jun 22, 2014

    No really, I'm live proof that it works as a laptop replacement. I use this device docked to a keyboard when needed. And I mostly run .NET 4.5 framework apps on it (it's all I ever really need a PC for besides for watching movies and TV shows). The old Atom CPUs of the netbook generation really suck. These new Atom tablet CPUs have 4 cores (good enough for even almost high-rend tasks).
  4. dhjohns

    dhjohns MDL Guru

    Sep 5, 2013
    I got a free PC back in the late 90s. Just paid shipping. I already had a monitor, but it came with mouse, keyboard, and 98SE. It had a Celeron which I overclocked, and upgraded the RAM of course. It also came with install disk, and drivers disk! So, naturally I wiped it, and installed fresh. The only obligation I had was to subscribe to MSN dial up for 3 years at $19.99 per month. Shortly after I locked in the price went up so I made out alright.
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  5. YIN

    YIN MDL Member

    May 31, 2009
    my pc have i7 4770K with OC working and also amd video card (290X tri-x) also OC,
    i dont care about the wattage!,
    i care only for my games in full hd and everything on "ultra high" working fast as hell.
  6. prashantsays

    prashantsays MDL Member

    Jun 13, 2016
    for your information samsung has no battery manufacturing plants in india, and what do you mean by high quality "chinese" ones, does this mean manufacturing process includes checking the ethnicity of manufacturer for it being "high quality".

    And installing kmspico also gives win10 for free, no really, no j/k
  7. Joe C

    Joe C MDL Guru

    Jan 12, 2012
    Why give this Spammer any of our time?
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  8. lobo11

    lobo11 TOMAHAWK CHOP

    Feb 16, 2012
    eatup, Your not hard to please are you, who in their right mind would want that crap :eek:
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  9. Mobocratic Asylum

    Mobocratic Asylum MDL Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    AMD Ryzen processors are out and you want us to buy that Chinese tablet? Can it run Crysis?
  10. WaltC

    WaltC MDL Addicted

    Mar 8, 2014
    I've seen people develop all kinds of rationales for buying themselves a new computer, but yours is unique, I have to say. Seriously, if you are so poor the only way you can afford to buy a new PC is to use an 8" tablet for several years while saving your pennies in a jar, how might you ever afford the software you want? You must feel an abundance of Catholic guilt when you think of buying a new computer. Be bold, be brave, and go ahead and treat yourself to a new PC right now. They have never been less expensive, and as far as sins go, buying a PC has to be a teeny-tiny sin if a sin at all...:D

    (But...your post actually reads like some very dull spam, as someone else mentioned.)
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