how to get cell info display in samsung galaxy grand neo phone in start screen?

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    Apr 6, 2013

    In Nokia mobiles even at the lower end series, this facility is available. this is very useful to know the place you are in, when you are going around unknown places anywhere. This is given by the tower information, which will be shown, so that you know the place where you are in. This is especially useful , if you are traveling in trains, you could just know the nearest place of the tower by looking in to your phone.
    I do not find any inbuilt immediate menu to activate in samsung galaxy, as the menus are hidden, you have to tab to get the menu. Is there any settings to get this information on the locked screen, and when i open the phone, this should reveal as in Nokia. Do any body knows?. I do not want a application for this prupose, i want it as kind of widget, automatic settings.
    When lower end of nokia, even oldest version, nokia 1600 has this facility. Why android phone lacks