How to increase Laptop BATTRY life

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tester2, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. tester2

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    Nov 25, 2010
    hi guys i need your help, i got Win7 laptop. My Battry is totally dead, so I bought NEW Battry today, and i like to know "How to increase the life of this BATTRY"

    1)--do i have to keep connect BATTRY continously over years, even i am not using LAPTOP ?
    2)--do i have to disconnect BATTRY if i am not using couple of MONTHS ?
    3)--do i have to keep on CHARGE BATTRY upto 90% even i am not using for couple of months, and i should leave connected to LAPTOP continously, no need to take out ?

    what is the best way to increase the LIFE of BATTRY.

    And I like to know if BATTRY Power goes to 0% then what happend, because if i am not using BATTRY for couple of months then it will go to 0%. After this is there any problem in my BATTRY.

    Thanks & waiting for your replies.
  2. pisthai

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    Jul 29, 2009
    Lifetime of Batteries are limited, there isn't any way around. Even if you didn't use a battery, they would be "dead" after a few years. Warranty for Batteries are mainly 6-12mth not more. Also some Batteries having an "cycle" Warranty of how many times you could charge them.

    So, the question: How to use Batteries in Laptop?, will be quite hard to answer properly. Fact is that Laptop using an internal "Ballancing" PCB which handles the charging and use of Batteries if the Laptop is connected to the Power Source. That means also that this module will NOT overcharge the Batteries and cut the charging while the Batteries are fully charged. From experiences of many Laptop Users incl. my own, I would say, the best way would be to use to have the Laptop connected to the power source if available at all of that time. That wil:
    • keep the Batteries charged fully
    • gives the fully needed power to the laptop directly
    • didn't "downgrade" the power of CPU, Screen, HDD etc. which would be done for to save power while running on Batteries only
    • Laptop run with full speed
    • don't have to be worry that the Laptop switched of because of to low powerstage of the Batteries

    I use to have my laptop connected at all times possible to the Power Source and never had problem with dead Batteries except by my first Laptop which I connected to the Power Source only as Battery level were down! Mainly I use Laptop 3-4 Years
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    Jun 21, 2013
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    from my research into solar power battery technologies Ive learned to exercise the batteries. the best way to do it if you are using it (battery power) is use it until it is almost dead then immediately do a full recharge but that is not really practical so what I generally do is once Im on battery power I stay on it until it is low then try to fully recharge asap and also let it stay plugged in for several hours after fully charged. If I dont need the battery for an extended period, I run it to 50% and then remove it and store it while at 50% thats how I treat them FWIW Im sure others will disagree but Im pretty sure Ive done more research on the subject than most have. and the battery should not drain to 0% by itself if it is not connected, that sounds defective but if it is connected but laptop turned off and it drains to 0% then the battery may not be defective but this is a good reason to store it disconnected.
  4. madogk

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    Jan 2, 2013
    I read an article a few years ago about lithium batteries. From what I remember you SHOULDN'T leave your battery plugged in all the time as the battery will crystallize with time. But you shouldn't let the battery go below 40% (when possible) as lithium doesn't have a cycle memory like NiCad. If you're not going to use the battery for an extended period of time the best is to place it in a sealed bag with 40% battery and place it in the fridge.

    Thats as far as I remember :druff:
  5. pisthai

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    Jul 29, 2009
    That's for Lithium-Polymere (LiPo) Batteries. For the Laptop Batteries is the internal PSU which handles the correct power of 12V and 5V! The Memory Effect isn't still in the newer Laptop Batteries for the last 4-5 years already.

    Special if you use an Laptop for normal daily work, means as your Standard Computer, I believe that you like to have run it on full system power and NOT downgraded because of the use of Battery which would be happens if you mainly use it on Battery only! The use of mainly the batteries will also have the production of higher temperature because the Batteries itself will heat up to, not the Laptops electronic system only! Beside of that, the lifetime of Lithium ION Batteries are limited. If you use the Laptop mainly on Batteries, you'll have to charge them 2-3 time a day at minimum, which are app. 1K charging's at minimum a year! Warranty for Laptop Batteries are mainly 6 month, some companies giving a year. for most of our customers the Battery Lifetime of their Laptop's are below 2 years. I have nor problem with that because I use to connect to external power if possible at all times and I have for years not chaged any Laptop Battery from my Laptops.

    Anyway, it's up to the User how he like to handle that!
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