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    Apr 10, 2011

    Please help me!!!!

    first i was using xp in my computer in C: drive only but after some while i also installed win 7 in another drive E : in same computer making it a dual boot machine .

    i decided to remove the win 7. so, i formatted the win 7 partition. ie;(E: drive)

    now the problem is that my computer is still showing the “windows boot manager” on starting my computer. it is still showing the xp and win 7 option.

    so i want to remove windows 7′s name from windows boot manager & want to load xp directly from it
    please send me valuable steps to remove this problem…. mail me:_
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    May 21, 2007
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    Yes, Easy bcd will fix it but, you removed windows 7 and it uses a completely different loader than XP.
    If you want to return to the Good old days it is easy to get ride of the windows 7 boot loader.
    Put the orginal XP cd in and have it boot the windows xp install cd. Pick repair using command prompt.
    It will find your XP install and ask for the Administrator password, enter that and when it comes to a command prompt.
    enter fixmbr and enter yes to the questions.
    Next, enter fixboot and enter yes to the questions.
    Actually fixboot is all you need but, I use them together.
    Now, you system will have only an XP based bootloader and Windows 7 will be gone.
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    for XP:
    start-> Run -> msconfig
    select the "boot" tab, in there you should find the 2 boot lines corresponding winXP and Win7

    select the win7 one and hit voila, no more win 7 listed on boot, but just straight boot WinXP, had to tackle this problem 3 times, every time it resolved this way
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