How To use notebook battery Effectively

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    Jan 23, 2013
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    Hello i recently bought i want to know how to use notebook battery effectively.please help

    1. some people say charge fully and then remove main power supply and run notebook from battery until it discharge 10% and then reconnect to main power supply to charge
    2. some people say if you can every time connect it to main power supply and use notebook. (not from battery) .Then it will improve your notebook battery life

    which method is correct ? or there are some other methods ?

    please help

    thank you :)
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    yes you are right viday i certainly agree..but make sure evy month you do a power flee in the laptop/notebook you have...that is..remove the battery from the back side and dont connect the charger and press the powr button and hold it fo 20-30 seconds so the static charge may be discharged and the mother board will be get free from the extra charged buffer

    after that you can put the battry back and the concept of draining off he battery upto 10% and after that connecting the charger is true....eithe way you can do that..and yes dont over charge the battery :biggrin:
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    Jan 23, 2013
    thanks both but think like this.if I'm charging my notebook battery 100% and then discharge to 10% means I'm using one battery life that correct ? so operating notebook only from battery will reduce my battery life ? i still can't find proper answer :confused:
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    Dec 24, 2012
    This has been discussed many times on the android phone forums.

    The best way to keep you battery in great shape is:

    1. Charge battery completely with laptop off

    2. use battery until you get a warning about battery being low

    3. Turn off laptop and charge fully again. This is important.

    What this does is reset the computers battery full and needs to be charge indicators to the proper levels(100% and 10%??)

    Do this once a month or so and your battery will last. Dont worry about charging during everyday use