How to use PhoenixBiosEditor for adding ssd efi driver into LGA771 mobo with efi mode

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    I have M.2 SSD Samsung SM951 256Gb AHCI with adapter M.2 -> PCI-ex and LGA771 mobo Supermicro X7DWU with Phoenix BIOS. This BIOS has an option "EFI OS Boot (If enabled, this feature provides support for EFI OS booting. The options are Enabled and Disabled.)". Now SSD is not visible in the BIOS.
    This and this instructions say that i need to insert the EFI-driver into the EFI-BIOS, but they describe a method for AMI BIOS.
    Is it possible to insert SAMSUNG_M2_DXE.ffs file into this bios? How can I do it?
    I have PhoenixBiosEditor 2.2.13 installed: [​IMG]
    There are two versions of the driver - SAMSUNG_M2_DXE.ffs and Samsung_m2_DXE. The BIOS firmware, PhoenixBiosEditor2.2.13 and two variants of driver are in the archive at this link -

    Thank you!