Hp 650 notebook PC - Bios - linux - w7

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    Jul 28, 2014
    Hi All,

    I'm really hoping someone on this forum will be able to help me, as I have search for 2 days and not got any closer because i can not find anyone else with the issue, well not how i've been wording it anyways.

    I have my grandma's hp 650 notebook pc that had w7 installed, and it kept getting bsod.
    So I have tried to reinstall w7 but it wouldn't let me and kept showing error messages so I had enough!

    And thought I would try and to install ubuntu, but also hadproblems - it would get to the grub boot screen and had the three options Live Cd| Install | memtest.

    I tried to install but it it came up with an error and took me to live cd, so I tried to install within the live cd... no such luck, googled a few things and tried stuff in live cd but still had no luck!!

    So time was getting on and took the easy root, took out the hdd and placed it into my laptop and installed ubuntu *yay*.
    I have placed the hdd back in to the laptop and booted up, but I'm still encounting problems like the following::

    Addition drivers will not open,
    can not upgrade from 12.10 - 14-04/10
    ubuntu software manage doesn't open
    can't install other apps/sw
    apt-get -f install doesn't work

    I may be wrong but I believe this is to do with the Bios, as I only have basic settings I can not play around with the bios and try other soultions.
    I have read maybe it is because of the setting ahci?

    I'm also having trouble with extracting from the #####.FD file with the Phoneix tool, so i'm unable to update my bios!
    The only Bios version it will let me extract is f.13 and is no good to me when I have version f.22

    Phoenix tool error: Not phoenix/Dell/insyde/EFI bios
    BIOS exe = Sp66781.exe
    Bios version = f22 - 1858

    Any informaion or help will be much greatful, or if someone can also try extract the .FD file and give me the results.

    Many thanks in advance