HP Card on ThinkPad - success

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    I was able to patch the HP drivers of Novatel Wireless E362 Verizon LTE card ~$50 on Ebay to work in my ThinkPad.
    I have patched both x86 and x86_64 versions, but I have only tested the 32-bit version so far. Since I cannot attach Microsoft-verified signature to the drivers, installation in 32-bit Windows is not easy, and installation in 64-bit Windows requires running in test mode to accept development signatures for drivers.
    It appears that Dell flavor of this card uses different USB IDs, but still looking for HP signatures on the laptop, which is very strange.
    I wasn't able to get the native Verizon Access Manager to work with this card, but is not really needed as windows can access broadband connection on it natively.
    If one needs VZW Access Manager, one can install the version from Pantech UML290VW, which works fine with E362, including Verizon WiFi HotSpots.
    Anyway, if anyone has such card and would like to test (especially on 64-bit Windows), please let me know and I'll upload the patched drivers.

    Obviously one needs a WL patched BIOS to boot up with unsupported WWAN card.