HP D530 CPU and memory performance issue

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    Hello all

    this is my first post

    but now for my question, i have a HP D530 SFF computer, P4 2.8ghz non HT 533mhz FSB, 512mb DDR333 PC2700 (2x 256mb) dual channel mode

    i have since removed it from the stock case and into a Antec 300 with a Antec Basiq 500w PSU, installed my 6800 GT AGP in it. it runs great but i wanted to get a little bit more performance out of it. so i bought a P4 3.2ghz HT with a 800mhz FSB, and 2gb (2x 1gb) matched pairs for dual channel mode.

    but once i installed the CPU and memory the system was real slow booting and real slow running programs (somethings did respond better due to the HT) but was so much slower and got bogged down easily.

    i did however run sandra and a few other benchmarks with the stock config to see what i have gained once i did install the CPU and memory.

    with stock CPU and memory
    i did happen to run 3dmark 03 and got a score of 11,674
    i ran sandra's memory benchmark, the bandwidth was 3.5gb/s, the lantiency was 120ms

    with the newer CPU and memory
    3dmark 03 took a dive to 6,053
    and in sandra's memory benchmark, the bandwidth was only 1.5gb/s, and lantiency was 450ms and sandra also showed a low bandwidth warning thats due to incorrect memory timing settings and or the memory performance mode being turned off.

    now i downloaded memset just to be able to see what the memory timins are set to with the stock CPU and memory it shows FSB/Dram ratio at 4:5, memory timings are 2.5 3-2-7, Performance mode is enabled.

    now with the new CPU and memory memset shows FSB/Dram ratio 1:1, Ram timings are 3 3-3-8, and Performance mode being disabled

    i tried with and without HT being enabled and it made no change. since this is a HP mobo the bios settings are few and far between (meaning no real user adjustments, locked down)
    but i did DBL check in the bios in info that the new CPU is running at 3.2ghz with a 800mhz FSB (200mhz quad pumped), and the ram does show 2gb DDR400 PC3200 in dual channel mode, 64bit (weird cause with the stock CPU and stock ram it showed 128bit).

    i updated the bios and microcode to see if it would help but it made no change, i looked at the bios version history on what other versions fixed and one older version fixed a issue with 1gb PC3200 sticks.

    the mobo looks like a ASUS mobo (HP model number 323091-001) looks like a ASUS P4SD LA (i think either a stingray or cobra model) it has a i865g chipset in it with onboard intel extreme 2 GFX and a AGP4x/8x slot and a few other things.

    i dont know why when i put the faster CPU and memory in the system is allot slower then with the slower stock CPU and memory installed. but with the stock CPU and new (PC3200) memory the system runs just fine.

    i cant find anyway to enable PAT mode (performance mode) in bios and or using the memory clocking tool. or find out why its so slow with the new CPU and memory, maybe somehow the bios isnt corectly seeing the memory or something. i dont know, i am lost.

    can anyone help me


    P.S. sorry for the long winded post, i hope that i didnt confuse you all to much
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    Oct 16, 2008
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    come to find out the Ram is way under spec to be DDR3200, what i think was done was the ram was rewritten to be forced to run at DDR3200 speeds with very high timings so that it would run at that speed.

    i get a warning using a memory test program saying the ram has a very slow bus. and the new memory does show a few errors, so even at DDR2700 speeds the Ram is having issues handling the 333mhz speed. so it leads me to think its OCed DDR2100 (reprogramed to run at each speed with a preset timing).

    with the stock CPU (P4 2.8ghz 533mhz FSB) and stock Ram in the bios under system info it shows as DDR2700 512mb (2x 256mb) in dual channel mode 128bit

    with the stock CPU and new ram in bios under system info it shows as DDR2700 2gb (2x 1gb) in dual channel mode 64bit

    with the New CPU (3.2ghz HT 800mhz FSB) and new Ram in the bios under system info it shows as DDR3200 2gb (2x 1gb) in dual channel mode 64bit

    i know how dual channel DDR is supose to work, single channel ram is using a 64bit bus, when in dual channel it uses 2x 64bit buss (effectivly making it 128bit). but this new ran is so cheap and generic and slow that it only shows as 64bit in dual channel mode, so that means that eack stick is only running at a 32bit bus (2x 32bit = 64bit). memory performance mode will not enable with this slow generic ram cause the ram timings are to slow which helps making things worse.

    what i am going to do is sell this ram to my friend that has 2 Dell computers that only uses DDR2100, i suspect that this generic ram running at DDR2100 speeds should be alright. and i am looking at buying some GSKILL DDR3200 CL2 or Crucial DDr3200 CL3, both brands should be up to spec and work well with the newer CPU i bought.