HP DV6915NR Crisis Recovery

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    Annnnnnnnnnd here we go again. During flashing, inside Windows (per instructions), it got to "programming block 1 of 16" (did it in reverse) and then the screen went black. After the screen went black, nothing happened. So, I pulled the battery (after 15 minutes) and attempted to turn it on. Nothing.

    For awhile, I was able to turn it on by pressing WinKey+B. Now it won't even do that. I tried everything: USB Stick formatted with Crisis software, etc.

    Any tips, would be greatly appreciated. I received this laptop on Monday, and now it's dead 2 days later. I *really* need it up and running ASAP.

    If anyone knows of a company that can just put a new bios in it for a fair price, please suggest. Right now I removed the CMOS battery, and tonight I'll really get into it. I ordered a floppy disc + blank discs. This is the only forum I know that has experts on this stuff, so any help is appreciated A LOT.