HP DV7-1245dx new mobo and hd

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    I need to know the steps to get tattoo redone, I have collected a bunch of the utilities posted here and in other places, but I don't know if I have all of the info I need to get this done.

    Specifically, I don't know where to find the following items:

    Build ID
    Model Number (not sure what part of "DV7-1245dx" this is)
    Motherboard name
    Feature Byte

    I'm not clear on whether I need all of them, either. I understand that there is a difference between doing this on a desktop vs. a laptop.

    If there is anything else I need, I would obviously want to know where to find that, as well.

    Much thanks.

    OK, I have gone through the doc included in the HP_V10B_DMI_Utility, and I have some new info, but a rather woeful situation.

    On the outside label:DV7-1245dx
    Prod # NB231UAR#ABA
    Ser 3CE9050Y0G

    In the BIOS display:
    Prod # NB242UA#ABA
    Sys board ID 30FC
    AMD Turion Dual-Core
    BIOS F.49
    Ser CND9094VG8
    UUID E79A6F66-02CA-11DE-9027-00235A303438
    Prod Config ID: 01110000140E20000
    Factory: Vista

    In the battery compartment label:
    30FC-110 PCID: 01110002140E10000
    B2143400703778 NB231UA#ABA

    HP_V10B Doc:
    30FC-100 is a Pavilion DV7 w/ AMD 2c08/3c08 cycle

    Orig Motherboard:
    JBK00 LA-4091P Rev: 1A 2008-06-18
    Vendor: HannStar
    HannStar J NV-4 (HV-4)
    SPS: 506124-001
    Date Code: 7J0914
    2142474601035 / 2142474704559 JBK00 43153532L06 REV F2 L904 BIOS F.35 2EE5
    2BMFG: 903
    1AF2 JBK00 U06
    UUID D1F37B4D-E3F1-11DD-ACE4-MAC 0023(5/6)A24480B {1394 / lan ? on ram lip)

    New Motherboard:
    SPS: 506124-001
    Date Code: 7J0924
    2151103605088 /
    2MMFG: 909
    1AF2 JBK00 U06
    1394 MAC 00242B5D1728
    LAN MAC 00236A303436

    According to HP V10B doc:

    req'd on mb replacement:
    Ser #: 3CE9050Y0G (LABEL) / CND9094VG8 (BIOS)
    Notebook Modl:
    Brand Name + space + Series Number + space + Notebook PC
    HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC
    GUID #: (1394 MAC sticker on m/b) 00242B5D1728
    UUID #: E79A6F66-02CA-11DE-9027-00235A303438
    SKU #: (EEPROM on orig m/b) (have the old m/b but not installed)
    CTO Localization Code: (only CTO units) ABA ?
    MAC Address: (LAN MAC sticker on m/b) 001B24
    PCID: 01110000140E20000
    MBoard ID: 30FC
    Platform Revision: 110
    System Rev: 30FC-110

    So it apears from the outside label that the original machine was a refurbished DV7-1245dx.

    It looks like the battery compartment label identifies it as a machine which had an Intel CPU (30FC-110)

    The old and new boards, however, use an AMD CPU.

    Is the motherboard name the same as Motherboard ID ? it seems not from the docs, which don't mention things like JBK00 LA-4091P)

    There is no sticker showing Build ID, HWBOM, SWBOM, Feature Byte (are any/all of these needed for tattoo ?)

    Is there a way for me to recover any of the original information from the old motherboard (which I suppose I will need to reinstall in order to get that info) ?

    How do I figure out which pieces of information are needed in order to input data to the tattoo utility and get the recovery disks to work ?

    Is there a way for me to determine from the disks what information they need to work properly ?
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    Ok, generally we use the rebranding tools when we install a NEW motherboard directly from HP. These boards are only missing a few values like serial, product number, and sku. the UUID is regenerated at boot. You may have to delete this string in order to get a new one generated. Other than that usually things like MAC address are already programmed. Feature Byte is a new term/sticker used on windows 8 systems. It is REQUIRED because the feature byte values actually fill in some bits to form the rest of the encrypted marker and without them you cannot pre-activate and you cannot run the factory image restore. It will fail to restore. There's ALOT more to it on the back end between the vendors servers and microsoft servers before the board even ships out, but I've gone off topic. You have a board that came with a Vista sticker?

    You should only have to adjust Product Number(SKU) includes the #ABA, Serial, Product Name(Model), and delete UUID. Be sure to keep a backup of these values just in case.

    If the board you installed was a pull from another system then I wouldn't worry too much about changing the serial etc unless you plan on selling it. These values arn't gonna affect drivers or the SLIC activation. I would think you would want to get the new SLIC marker in your BIOS in order to pre-activate Win7? Currently this new board should have the 2.0 version which will pre-activate Vista and not 7.

    Start by checking your private messages, rebrand if neccessary, then find and run SLIC_ToolKit_V3.2.EXE as Admin and see what your SLIC version is. If it's 2.1 then your all set.
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    30FC is not intel...its AMD
    u can change the info with NBDMIFIT 1.19 ( SLP Marker Tool thread)

    i just did GPU BGA reflow on one out of 2 similar models yesterday. (2nd likely has more issues .. might need to reflow cpu socket if 1 blink.. 4 blink is video)

    THESE BOARDS WARP WITH HEAT IN MIDDLE SO THIS WILL CAUSE SOLDER BALLS TO SHORT UNDER CHIP!!= REBALLING and use oven to heat slowly and evenly to minimize warping

    i did with hot air station and was hard..but trick is to heat wide far away slowly then between chip and cpu socket is best spot to focus on while still moving around the chip