HP Envy 20-d001la semi-bricked by windows 10 upgrade.

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    Hello everyone,

    I got a HP envy 20-d001la (all in One) which got the Windows 10 upgrade (before windows 8 from factory).

    After the upgrade the screen went black: It means no Hp logo at startup and no windows flag on operating system boot.

    the thing is that the operating system is booting up to the login screen because I'm able to see the pc over the wifi network and also able to Remote desktop and actually work on the Pc as normal.

    One behaviour it has is once I switch On the computer the power button flashes 5 to 6 times before it boots windows.

    -The monitor is working as it was working previous the update and I have also aded a MXM graphics card and the only thing I can see is red-green-blue-white-black screens blinking.

    - I have read several people whit this problem but I have never read somebody who can tell that the operating system boots.

    - I have cleared CMOS, left the pc without battery and jumpers away, but none of that has worked.

    - I'm able to flash the bios but that doesn't work, stays in the same state.

    - the bios is in UEFI mode.

    I'm looking for ideas, a working bios dump,...
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    make usb uefi diagnostics from hp.
    boot and test components> hdd
    if nothing wrong then try windows P to enable onboard screen.
    what version bios do you have.. can you reach bios setup page ?

    MXM hmm i wonder if the card is faulty or need flash the card..

    or disable fast start in bios and in windows.. sounds like a video output detection issue.

    install anydesk, go to settings> security click allow interactive. and set a pwd also.
    me or someone else can likely help remote (make sure no important files in pc)
    tried new install windows ?
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    This is more than 100% certain that absolutely nothing happened to your computer's BIOS during the upgrade.
    If something happened, it only happened when you entered the BIOS, began flashing it etc.
    So far, it's really unknown what you really did.
    1. So please give a detailed description of how you upgraded, what you did before the upgrade.
    2. Was your computer in 100% order before the upgrade started (did You ran sfc /scannow), as well as the hard drive.
    3. From which version to which you wanted to upgrade.
    4. How you prepared your computer before you wanted upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 (of course, if you want upgrade from 8 to 10. From the previous post it is not clear what you updated).
    5. Did you remove any additional devices before starting the upgrade, etc.
    6. And, of course, whether You did it all using the Windows Update feature or used some other method.
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  4. Vercetti

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    Mar 21, 2008
    the Upgrade to windows 10 was by it's own (MS pushing upgrades)

    once one of the family members press hit yo update after that the computer was not displaying anyting.

    I later found out that login into windows was possible and I had to enable remote desktop.

    -there is no MXM card on the system, but I have one so I know the monitor displays colors.

    - It went from windows 8 to 10 (basic edition so no remote desktop available)

    - the bios version is 8.16

    - by no means I can enter bios,.

    - made a fresh instal in other computer of Windows uefi so it can boot too ( this way I can use remote desktop).

    - Could do the Anydesk but what would you do?

    - I ordered a ch341a spi programmer too see if I can do something, but it will take weeks to arrive