HP ENVY DV7-7223cl DEAD after replaceing Base

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    Oct 22, 2015
    My Envy DV7 is dead after swapping out the base case and after reading on HP support forum I see this is a commen issue with other models after pulling boards ect.., What I have is a Flashing "Caps" light (non-stop every 1 second) and amber solid "Wifi light". I've read numorus post and and see its as an issue that would require a flash of the bios, I see the instructions for creating a Bios flash stick but I'm unable to create USB stick correctly?

    I downloaded the BIOS file Sp63517 and its an .EXE file which has to be run in windows - correct? I renamed USB stick HT_TOOLS and have a folder structure Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current\ so what files do I place where do I need to extractr files from this .exe and rename any files?

    What are the steps to create this recovery USB stick to update BIOS.

    I've seen when you get the stick correctly built you will need unplug HDD and remove battery and start computer Win+B steps it will reboot a few times, which is all good I just cant get the USB stick created correctly and to work.

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