HP Mini 110-4100 EMT64 support.

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    Dec 31, 2020
    Hi! I am new on this thread.
    Laptop: HP Mini 110-400
    Bios: Insyde F.01
    request : Please teach me to unlock 64 bit (EMT64) in the bios and update the microcode.
    As I can't post links, I will upload my decrypted bios binary here, but don't know how to do it here

    To be more describing, I had managed to blow off the RSA signature problem. But I can't figure out how to modify it further. The Atom N2600 is a 64Bit cpu but the vendor locked it in the bios. I came upon a thread in bios mod similar to my problem and the solution was described. But it was for AMI BIOS for ASUS EEE PC 1025C. Can anyone help me according to this thread? Sorry I can't post links, so I will paste the whole set up for you.

    *******I got it! The culprit is the code that does this in BIOS: [MSR 0x122] |= 3;
    So, just blank (NOP) out that piece of code in BIOS and have fun with x64. I don't have any experience with BIOS modding, but I am familiar with assembly language programming and almost everything in Intel SDM.
    It took me quite some time to figure out there are 2 places to patch (for bootstrap processor and application processors).
    Below are some notes to help you gain confidence that nothing fishy is being added. Use your hex editor compare function to compare between the BIOS file from Asus and my patched version.

    Original (starting point):
    2097152 bytes
    SHA-256: 73bae3b7e061e4d6054e70b0405150ed93258d39b5561bdfb902554edd3e0a4f

    //32-bit mode
    53 push ebx
    6aff push 0xffffffff
    53 push ebx
    6a03 push 0x3
    6822010000 push 0x122
    e85c240000 call func //NOP out this instruction
    83c414 add esp,0x14

    //32-bit mode
    b922010000 mov ecx,0x122
    0f32 rdmsr
    0c03 or al,0x3
    0f30 wrmsr //NOP out this instruction

    After NOP out the 2 locations with 0x90 (7 bytes in total),
    SHA-256: af673c221dd145ea9faa495b5fac21d945541396a72cec3943ec1581e4a7167b

    With that, you can enjoy your x64 system.
    Optionally, you can update the microcode as well. I discovered Acer AOD270 BIOS has a newer version of the microcode.
    In Asus 1025C (and old BIOS version of Acer AOD270): Version 0x010C, 2011-11-23
    In Acer AOD270: Version 0x010D, 2011-12-22

    With new microcode,
    SHA-256: f568ec0f4ec31cc0a12b469a5092a233285bcfb018c6bdbd05a3ba5b765ad347

    Note the hashes are on 2097152-byte ROM file, not zip file.*******

    I would be grateful for life!!!!!
  2. elfboy

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    Dec 31, 2020
    Please someone reply, please help me