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    I just need someone to answer a few questions that, for some reason, the hp forum people either cant or wont answer. I have a hp mini winxp sp3 notebook for my wife. It is FUBAR, she did something and now it will no longer work... Period. It has no hidden recovery, it has no backtrak recovery installation and came with no recovery cd/dvd nor the ability to make one. which is a moot point anyway., there is no cd/dvd player. So, I ordered the dvds anyway from hp it has

    1: hp operating system dvd
    2: 2 application and driver recovery dvd's
    3: 1 re-installation cd for ms works.

    I have read where many people re-installing winxp have a problem because of sata drivers not being present.
    does the hp oem win xp os dvd have these drivers slipstreamed into it?

    How do I insure that the driver is present?

    If most of these drivers are not present how do I slipstream them into the install os using nlite as they are all in an exe format on the hp website?

    4: how do I make the usb install or rather what is the most uncomplicated way.

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    The driverpack is an option. the EXE is likely something that will decompress with 7zip to the files you need. At any rate, if you run the exe it will put the files on your c drive for further install. SP3 will likely have any drivers you need, buying them from HP was a bit unnecessary, but what is done is done. The single driver slipstream is likely the easiest..

    You will have to dump the disc with PowerISO or similar (UltraISO), as I recommend these for simplicity. Use the slipstream tool of your choice, I dont like Nlite, but to each his own...Create a bootable usb drive and install away. RUFUS is a popular tool or winusb maker by JoshCell..he make some very useful tools and is worth the look...:)..

    further questions?? give a bit and I will answer, Urie and Tito are strong resources also...
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