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    HP Commercial PCs - Using Bios Config Utility .e x e (B C U) to Set a BIOS Administrator Password

    In a configuration where a BIOS User account has been established by the initial setup of HP Protect Tools, it may be necessary to gain administrative access to the BIOS afterward by establishing a BIOS Administrator account using Bios Config Utility.e x e .

    The details are listed below:

    1. Obtain S S M (System Software Manager) from HP website:
      1. As of January 2012, the latest version is 2.15A (sp52095.e x e ).
      2. go to the main sp52095.e x e page.
      3. Click on the Revision History tab and select the newest version available.

    2. Install S S M on any computer. It is not important to install S S M on the target computer or to configure S S M once installed.
    3. Locate B C U (Bios Config Utility.e x e ) in the S S M install directory. Copy it to the target notebook as applicable.
    4. Open a command prompt window with Run as Administrator option that is available by right-clicking on the command prompt icon before opening it.
    5. Navigate to the B C U location from the command prompt window.
    6. Execute the following command from within the command prompt window:
      bios config utility /n s p w d:"p w d"
      (the quotes are required, replace p w d with desired password that meets complexity requirements established in the BIOS).
    7. B C U should respond, “Successfully Modified the Setup Password. �?.
    8. Exit the command prompt window. Reboot, and press F10 to enter the BIOS.
    9. When prompted, select the BIOS Administrator account and enter the password chosen above.
    10. As the BIOS Administrator , passwords for other accounts can be reset or Reset BIOS Security to Defaults can be used to remove all accounts and security information in the T P M.

    Here is the link:
    h t t p : / / b i z s u p p o r t 1 . a u s t i n . h p . c o m / b i z s u p p o r t / T e c h S u p p o r t / D o c u m e n t . j s p ? o b j e c t I D = c 0 3 1 6 1 1 2 7 & l a n g = e n & c c = u s & t a s k I d = 1 0 1 & p r o d S e r i e s I d = 4 1 7 3 8 4 5 & p r o d T y p e I d = 3 2 1 9 5 7
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    New Tool for Probook/Elitebook

    I have created a tool that will make a small executable file that you run from a bootable DOS environment. This will reset the BIOS Password and TPM. I am guessing support for about 20 models, but I dont have them all to test on. See my youtube video
    /watch?v=Bs8p927SyVU (not spam, total legit. I started with my own personal Probook 6550b that was locked)

    Confirmed Models: (From myself or other people using my tool)
    Probook 6550b
    EliteBook 2740p
    EliteBook 8440p
    EliteBook 2560p
    ProBook 6460b

    Possible likely other models include: (please help me confirm them!)
    HP 2230s
    HP 2730p
    HP 4310s
    HP 4510s
    HP 6455p
    HP 6535b
    HP 6545b
    HP 6730b
    HP 6735b
    HP 6930p
    HP 8530p
    HP 8530w
    HP 8540w
    HP 8560p
    HP 8730w

    Please forgive me, Im in the engineering field, not programming. But my method does work. I need more confirmation on the models. I just want to help people with locked BIOS. If its not on the list, I can give another set of files to test with. Ill assist where and when I can. I cant post links, but there is one in my video description.

    From my readme file
    IMG_0257.JPG IMG_0258.JPG
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    May 25, 2014
    Dear Mazzif I have three laptops of Hp Probook all are having bios password.

    HP probook 4730s has bios update and i have used your tool for unlocking my Elitebook 8460p and its working perfectly but can you suggest me with some solution for 4730s.

    Best Regards,
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    Jun 24, 2014
    i have hp proBook 6570b how can i remove the password
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    Aug 26, 2012
    Work on 6560b.
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    Jan 13, 2013
    I am currently trying to unlock a Probook 4440S and I'm having trouble doing it....

    SN: 2CE2371Z37
    UUID: 41D6D45D07FEE111B7436EC459008067

    I have downloaded your tool, then I ran the "USB Image Tool",
    I then selected the 16GB Sandisk Cruzer USB Device Click on "Restore"
    In the open box that pops up I then chose the "HPBR-WIN32" image file and click open.
    once it finish's putting everything on to the USB device then what else do I do?

    I'm not able to boot with anything... it only wants to boot with the HDD only all the time..
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    Jan 20, 2015
    Does anyone have a copy of the hp sp52095.exe file? HP will not let you download it now. Not sure if anyone ever looks here now, but giving this a shot.
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    Oct 13, 2017
    Tengo problemas con mi bios de un EliteBook 8560p, que debo hacer para saber la clave.
    no soy experto, solo un novato así que el que me quiera ayudar POR FAVOR, que parta de cero...

    Gracias y saludos.