HP Whitelist - bios mod mostly worked out, final info needed

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    HP Whitelist - bios mod finally worked out, info in post 2

    hi guys, i have gotten most of the way to working out how to patch my bios to allow my new wireless card to work in my laptop (HP DV2-1030ea) but before i take the final steps i was looking for a little bit of help. if you look in the attached picture you can see that this is the part of the code in boiscod01.rom that contains the whitelist,


    those underlined in red are vendor-device id's (atheros and broadcom) and those underlined in green are the subsys id's (shared between both manufacturers!), my problem lies with the two pieces of highligted code, as you can see they are the same! i was wondering which one to change? the first or second?, or will i have to change both? or could one be for the first pci-e slot that gives the 104 error, and the second for the second pci-e slot that gives the 105 error?

    my other problem is that i can't get my laptop to go into bios recovery mode, i've tried win+b, win+l, fn+b, fn+l and none of them work? do newer phoenix bioses use a different key combination to start the crisdisk recovery?

    the slic modded bios can be found here >> http://www.sendspace.com/file/xgs1sp

    thanks in advance for any help you can offer me with regards to my problems :)
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    ok i finally got this worked out,

    the HP DV2-****** series of laptops require a slightly different method to get into recovery mode, what to do is

    1. remove the battery and the power cord, after about 15-20 seconds place the power cord back in

    2. press and hold fn+win+b (after the power cord is placed in, not before like others!!), whilst holding those keys slide the power switch forward and hold it there until the computer beeps once, then let go of the keys and the power switch, that is the computer in crisis recovery mode.

    now for actually using the crisis recovery mode it took a while to find a phlash16 that would work with the DV2, but finally i found it here >> http://crd.y1.cc/ (and we will use a method like described on that site to make the disk) download the zipped 'Phoenix Crisis Recovery Disk Creation Package' from step 5 on that page and extract it to a folder on your C:\ drive called CRISIS, then in that folder delete all the PHLASH1* .EXE files except PHLASH1B.EXE, also delete PHLASH16.EXE. then rename PHLASH1B.EXE to PHLASH16.EXE

    to make the actual crisis disk

    1. download the bios from the post above this (it is already slic2.1 modified) extract the 3054F27_SLIC.ROM file to C:\CRISIS and rename it to BIOS.WPH

    2. Create a win98 boot USB by downloading the self extracting win98 image from step 5 on the page that the Phoenix Crisis Recovery Disk Creation Package came from and extract it to a folder on your desktop, then using the HP USB Disk Storage Tool tell it to make a dos startup disk using dos system files from the folder you just extracted the win98 image to.

    3. with your usb floppy and your win98 usb boot disk plugged in boot into your win98 usb boot disk and then cd to the C:\CRISIS folder, then run CRISDISK.BAT and follow the instrusctions to make the crisis recovery disk.

    this is the only method that worked for making a working crisis recovery disk for the HP DV2, as trying to make it in windows using WINCRIS.EXE didn't work when trying to recover from it, (i don't know why but it definately works when made from dos) now with this in hand i could start modifying my bios whitelist safe in the knowledge i could recover my laptop if i buggered the bios ;)

    as for the whitelist hack as my new card was an atheros with the dev:ven id of 16:8C 00:2B i only needed to modify the subsys id, so i modified the 3C:10:3F:30 in both sections of the highlighted code in the picture in the first post to match my new subsys id, saved it, built the new bios and flashed it with winflash,

    and it worked perfectly first time, i am posting this from my new atheros wireless N card :D

    hopefully this info will be of some help to others who want to mod their HP DV2-****** series laptops to use wireless cards (and mobile broadband cards) that are not on the HP whitelist, and also have a method of recovery if anything goes wrong :)
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    Is it possible to completely remove the whitelist check in the DV2-10XX, since you were able to hack the bios?
    I would also like to upgrade my DV2-1039WM to wireless N (It's been successfully SLIC 2.1'd with the latest bios available in the forum.)
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    yes it is, by changing some instructions in BIOSCOD01.ROM http://forums.mydigitallife.net/thr...-mod-requests.?p=387003&viewfull=1#post387003