Human rights and survival

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    This is hilarious.
    Do you know what is trolling? Lecturing on human rights with an "I stand with Ukraine" badge.

    Please don't, unless you yourself have the necessary skill to read and understand this: Daily Report_ENG.pdf?itok=82567
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    human rights are fiction …
    this is the matrix … no one care about human life anymore
    every one love $ and will destroy you for that
    or afraid of someone else and will not hurt him, even if it the big m.f. in the whole earth,
    and will kill his own brother to protect himself …. as we all know …..
    human rights …. sure … that remind me …
    כל שנעשה רחמן על האכזרים, לסוף נעשה אכזר על רחמנים
    f* this matrix, un, etc ..
    everyone here care about themself and only themself
    so you have to protect yourself, from the matrix
    or you will be vanish … for good …
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