Hyper-V and Windows 9x guests?

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    I currently have a Windows 2003 Server with Virtual Server 2005 R2. I am looking to migrate the various guests over to a new Windows 2008 server and Hyper-V. I have sucessfully migrated the Windows 2000, 2003 & XP guests but have a couple of Windows 9x (actually Windows ME) guests that fail to work.
    I initially just copied the .vhd file over and then created a new VM and attached the .vhd. It starts and the Windows ME splash screen appears but then just hangs with a black screen a flashing cursor. If the VM is reset the option to boot in 'safe mode' appears and if this is selected Windows ME starts again but I get a 'Windows Protection error, the machine must be restarted' (or something similar).
    Does anyone know if it's possible to have Windows 9x guests under Hyper-V? I found some posts about running a Windows 2003 Server with Virtual Server 2005 as a guest under Hyper-V and then creating a VM on this (so a guest within a guest...), however I don't like the sound of this. I also have a couple of propietary automated OS installation CD's (W2K) that use Windows 95 as a base to install the OS and these fail to work (same Windows Protection Error). I can probably do the initial installation on Virtual Server 2005 and then copy (migrate..) the .vhd to the Hyper-V server but if I need to reinstall at a later date I am a bit stuck.