Hyper-V Server, harddisks... what would you pick?

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by FreeStyler, Dec 16, 2010.

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    I am thinking of upgrading my harddrive's in my server. see also this.

    If you had the choice, what would you pick a regular 7200 Rpm SATA harddisk or one of those 'Green' drives that operate on 5400 Rpm platters?
    Would performance decrease significantly, or would i hardly notice this change?

    Currently the server is equipped with 2x Seagate Barracuda's 7200.10 (ST3160815AS) with a 8MB buffer. Would i notice much difference using one of the latest 'green' drives? Does it really save me a significantly amount of $ using 'green' drives?
    The server is used mainly as mail server (only a few account, 2 domains) and webserver (Virtualized with Hyper-V) and a few MySql databases, so no real stress on it.
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    Personally I do not have a perfect answer.
    I think it really comes to the experienced "gut feeling"

    But I do not think it would make much difference to performance whatever you chose (for that particular load)
    None of the VM does real massive file operations, so 5400 rpm will be fine. AS to MySQL DB? Again it depends on the load (I use one that does all I need for the job & it sits within vmdk)

    As to whether they save money?
    You would have to find somebody study on them (most likely manufacturer)

    Consider that not too long you will probably want to change them drives again, so use cheaper option in this case)

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    Hi FreeStyler,

    I'm probably waaaaay too late with this answer, but it may help someone else. :)
    I swapped four 7200rpm drives (total 2.5tb) for two 2tb WD Green drives when I rebuilt my WHS v1 with the PP3 image, the only thing I noticed was a little lag when acessing it first thing in the morning, or after it had been idel for hours.
    I'm also using a 1.5tb WD Green drive (passthrough) for Vail on Hyper-V and if anything its seems more responcive than the Aurora VHD image thats on a 7200rpm Seagate drive.
    But that could be down to VHD vs HDD. :)

    What I can tell you is the 'killawatt' adaptor I borrowed said the drives should save me £70 a year.
    My guess is having them switched off for most of the year, has saved me more than £70 :p
  4. cynics

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    Feb 26, 2008
    would still go with a regular 7200rpm drive.

    RPM speed remains a critical performance factor for a webserver/email server
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    Oct 2, 2009
    If you are going for performance, drop the Hyper-V and get Xen, then you'll get real speed.

    For HDD's, WD Black is always a good choice, or the WD Green 2TB+ versions (high density).
  6. sappu

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    Jul 25, 2009
    My Experience with Green

    Green HDs weighs less than the Blue (Never came across a Black). Stays cool even after hours of working. Spins quite. If its performance u are looking for i think u should go for Blue or Balck. From my experience Blue has got atleast 30% more performance than Green. (I use both of them for backup, huge files, VMWare VDs)
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    Dum ? What is Xen...And where can one find it
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    I like that lmgtfy post :D!