I am want to program a game on windows or linux

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by drcoder, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. drcoder

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    Dec 29, 2011
    Dear All,

    I am want to program a game on windows or linux.

    I am newbie to start with a simple text game with pixels or the oldest text based VT100 like 25x80 like display.

    I am want to access video memory. Also to find information on PC peripherals in a systematic fashion. The coding to be done in C, I can open/read/write binary files and store structures to save the state of a game and save and restart. I can also program some logic.

    My main difficulty is to find ways to update and rewrite the screen. I am not expert in X windows. Start with DOS and then progress to using windows/linux+X API's or libraries or widgets to make the game in more pixel based without direct access to video ROM.

    Please help me with implementation techniques, Design, and also if you have done a project in a computer course to scan the handouts of the project in a single chronological pdf . I would then be able and like to write a small report and share with everyone here for benefit of all.

    The books are never sufficient as the authors intentionally omit important details almost invariably in my experience.

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    Code it for Windows and run it in Linux via Wine ;)
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