I dont want to modify BIOS for activation

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by conservative, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. conservative

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    Mar 24, 2011
    Hi all great guys ,

    After searching a lot on internet I came to this forum.
    And reading diffrent articles, on activation has confused me totally I am indeciisive at this moment, hence this post.:(

    I have purchased a old computer(running short of money) with following

    -Core2duo 1.8GHz,
    -Intel Original MOBO 946GZIS
    -BIOS ver/date : Intel Corp TS94610j.86A.0047.2006.0911.0110, 9/11/2006

    clearly Mobo is quite old vista was just out in 2006 and no qustion of win-7

    loded win-7 ultimate on it and want to run windows 7 loder v1.69 by Daz.
    -a lot of article warn about windows 7 loder by Daz,recommending not to use it.
    - It can modify your BIOS and make system work strange in some case/some times.

    I dont want to Modify my BIOS (i have purchaseda old m/c) and want to use it for some time
    - I dont need windows update also.

    -There are two option in daz loder
    1. undr group control software mod
    2. under BIOS mode.

    and a third one which shows SLIC,Certificate,serials.

    I am confused here and not clear
    - will clicking under software mode may result in BIOS Modification
    - SLIC will be put on BIOS or it will modify the loded BIOs code in memory inside win-7.

    - how to know if your BIOS has modified.

    In case if windows does not boot can i use the method posted in other threads.

    Phew a long post.

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    Daz loader does not modify the BIOS in any way, it just tricks windows 7 into thinking that the BIOS has 2.1 SLIC so you can activate it. The latest version of DAZ loader is 1.97, which is on this forum for download

    There is no problem using DAZ loader 1.97 I have used it on many PC s. it is all automated so very easy to use

    latest DAZ loader here


    you can install over the old version if you have already installed it :biggrin:
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    Nov 30, 2009
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    Aug 14, 2009
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    As for your question about Windows Loader's functionality: it detects what actions are needed for your system - so just click the "Install" button. Since your BIOS hasn't got a v2.1 SLIC, it installs the loader (to emulate a SLIC), certificate and key. If you were using a BIOS with SLIC v2.1, it would only install the certificate and key appropriate to your BIOS's SLIC manufacturer. There is plenty of good documentation on Windows Loader available to you (see the link above).

    Oh, and use the latest release of Windows Loader from the original source, not v1.69 from some third-party site that may be infected by malware.
  5. Claysoft65

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    Sep 4, 2009
    Sorry, dude, but you're too much consevative and too low observative... :p

    Your "a lot of article" are just saying a lot of bu....hit ... are they all M$ employees ?!? ...please change your sources, cause you'll earn a lot... :)
    Maybe, iuf just spent a bit of time reading here at MDL (where DAZ Loader has been developed and where it's full supported, you already
    knew that it's just modyfying the BootManager so to fool Winloader, and let him think that your BIOS has a SLIC 2.1 inside (just like OEM
    maChines with WiN 7 pre-installed have...)

    So no BIOS modding, and whoever is writing it, it's totally... totally... oh well... use the word that you like more...
    ...i cannot write what i thought... :p

    BIOS section under DAZ loader is ONLY for ppl having a REAL BIOS SLIC 2.1, so that they only need to register cerets and key. ;)

    As son as you you use the ┬žLoader and reboot, you're quite in the same situation of someone that buy a new PC with WIN 7 preloaded,
    and to update or not, it's just a choice of your part... (but i recommend to do it...)

  6. conservative

    conservative MDL Novice

    Mar 24, 2011
    Thank you claysoft65,subpskye,tito,daz999,

    you have clarified my doubts
  7. regal

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    Aug 26, 2009
    A lot of cases modding bios is just plain risky. Do it wrong and you have a bricked motherboard. Download a modded bios from some eastern country and who knows what else it includes. I know of several attempts to mod the bios for my MB that resulted in bricks, one reported success with a posted modded bios on some chinese website, no thanks. The bios is the last thing on your computer you should mess with unless you really know what you are doing and there are several success reports for your specific motherboard, the Daz loader just makes more sense for most people.