I got 2 ISP's connections & like to switch on opposite Router when Internet Down on a

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    Hi guys, I need your help, to fix this problem below.

    1)--i got 2 diffrent ISP's in my Home, 1st DSL Modem & 2nd Cable Modem. The resion I am having 2 ISP's in my Home is, if DSL goes Down then I can connect to Cable Internet.

    2)--I got 2 diffrent Wireless Routers connected to each Modem seperately in this way,
    1st is Linksys wireless wrt54g Router configure for DSL Modem Speedstream 4200, working fine. For example here SSID:FAMILY1, Password:12345678, WPA2-PSK.
    Where as DSL Modem supply Internet to Basement Family.

    2nd is D-Link wireless Router configure for Cable Modem Huawei MT130U, working fine. For example here SSID:FAMILY2, Password:87654321, WPA2-PSK.
    Where as Cable Modem supply Internet to Upstair Family.

    My goal is to achieve this 2 Task
    1)--Now for example if DSL Internet goes Down, then i want to take a peace of Ethernet wire & i want to connect from D-Link Router into Linksys Router i want to supply Internet to Linksys Router connected DEVICES Basement Family.
    2)--and now for example if Cable Internet goes Down, then i want to take a peace of Ethernet wire & i want to connect from Linksys Router into D-Link Router i want to supply Internet to D-Link Router connected DEVICES Upstair Family.

    So all the time both Basement & Upstair Families connected to Internet, if any one goes DOWN.

    So "How to do like this type of Networking" in my Home.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    Get a router with multiple WAN ports such as the Netgear FVS336G or build a pfsense box with multi-wan. Both can be configured to load balance and failover without intervention.

    Convert the wireless routers to access points, give them both the same said and password but different channels, put everything on same subnet, done.
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