I will Switch to «UBUNTU» but i'm not sure :( Need some Help!! ..

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Doghen, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Hey there, i have an Old Computer and a new Computer (Both have EUFI) and both have Windows 10 64x Bits, but i once installed Ubuntu on an old Computer, and just formatted the Drive where Windows was on it, and just installed Ubuntu, but after 30 minutes of running my PC shutted down, and my Hard drive was fully Dead, and my Motherboard won't start only Beeps.. so my question is How can i Properly install Ubuntu on a Brand new Computer (Where Windows 10 came with) and can i get problems with my CPU, MotherBoard, GPU, RAM when i install Ubuntu on Brand new/Old Computers, because i think they where maked only for Windows? and please someone help me with this, i'll have already 2 computers with Windows 10 64x Bits, (2 hard drive's) and both have 4GB RAM.. and Both 64x Processor and My brand new PC have Intel HD Graphics, and my old PC have NVIDIA (Both Motherboard VGA i'm not using any different GPU) i'll hope i can just install Ubuntu as normal that i can install Windows with no issue's.. Cheers.
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    If you just want to play around and develop an understanding of Linux first
    why not download a copy of SLAX and put it on a flash drive
    there's both 32 and 64 bit versions.
    SLAX was developed from ZipSlack , a version designed to fit on a zip drive
    back in the day when we thought 100MB was a big drive.
    Slackware is one of the originals without a lot of complications of the newer versions
    I would not want to go from killing a hdd and motherboard to installing it on a new computer
    If I were going that route, after I did the SLAX thing, I would buy a small cheap hdd and install Linux on that
    you could then put the original as a secondary drive and eventually have dual boot so as not to lose anything

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    i will just use Ubuntu for daily usage, not doing any gaming or develope things.. i'll hate how W10 spy on everything :( so i can just install Ubuntu on every Windows based PC/Laptop, and can i just do this, burn dvd with ubuntu on it, put it in my PC, start the Set-up up, and just formatt the drive (where windows was on it) and click next (i think ubuntu creates automatically partitions?) and just install Ubuntu and use it? without any problems and i dont want to mess things up :( does it work like a normal installation setup like Windows?
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    iknow how ubuntu works and looks like ...

    only wants to install Ubuntu and format the whole drive's (where windows was installed first) .. ?
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    Thanks, so nothing to worry about its just like a normal windows installation?
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    More or less, yes. Installing Linux has become just as easy as it is to install Windows. Ubuntu, your distro of choice, has made the process so easy now, that it will ask you outright if you just mean to replace Windows (or dual-boot), and in your case, that will be the option you'll select. From there it will ask what timezone you want and the name of your username and password (as well as ask you to make a password for root). -- That's it. From that point on it basically does all the work for you, just as Windows would have.
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    I will just erase the whole Drive and install Ubuntu right away on the Hard drive (where Windows was on it).. :)