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    Jul 30, 2015
    :throw: Looking at all the feedback as an insider, there were several ideas that weren't taken seriously by Microsoft, and what I see of the reasons, might have been not enough insiders voted it up, and I doubt the old feedback UI will be back so certain ideas can't be continually voted up, but there's no reason we can't use the feedback in setting to get them to take notice.

    I think with the number of people here, you can post feedback to get them to change windows for the better by continuing to push for things you want.

    If you have a suggestion or a few, post them and maybe insiders will add it as feedback.

    I say -

    Stop adding defender updates to win updates, add them to defenders UI.

    Add selection in windows update to stop driver updates and return to old settings.

    Merge control panel and settings panel.

    Update taskbar Icons to modern or allow personal replaced.

    Add switch between win 7, 8,or 10 start button.
    Eighteen thousand people voted to get drivers in one place and look what happened.

    Don't forget, if you visit sites like Intel, Microsoft, when you see the questioner, even though it's about the site, add in comments you want. "Example"- Intel, you need to keep the RST release notes in one place and updated.

    P.S. If you don't like this post, from what I've seen of MDL people, it will get beaten to death with close thread, like when wild animals attack. :p
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