Install DART as WinRe on a fresh HDD w/ a fresh install of Windows 7 Ult

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    I am wondering if anyone knows how to install Windows Recovery environment to a Hdd prior to a fresh install of WIndows 7 Ult.. Or even Windows 8. My goal is to actually install the DART recovery environment and tools on a hidden recovery partition at the beginning of a new disk. I have been all over Technet, MSFN forums, and read a lot of Microsoft documentation. Microsoft documentation sucks on this subject and you have to read a lot between the lines. Right now I have DART recovery disks made for every version of Windows from XP to Win 8.1 and Server 2012 r2. They all work. I have installation disks (the AIOs and Specific flavors). I even have the ones with DART embedded into the install disk from Murphy78. I am looking for a way or a detailed step-by-step guide to doing this. I would like to use command line when installing to manually create the partitions and do the installs. Any help or reference would be greatly appreciated. And if there is no detailed guide if I can find the help I seek, I will write it out and make it avail on multiple forums...
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    select disk 0
    create partition primary size=500
    format quick fs=ntfs label="System"
    assign letter="S"
    create partition primary
    shrink minimum=15360
    format quick fs=ntfs label="OS"
    assign letter="C"
    create partition primary
    format quick fs=ntfs label="Recovery"
    assign letter="R"
    set id=27
    list volume


    Diskpart /s CreatePartitions-BIOS.txt
    md r:\recovery\windowsRE
    Dism /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:D:\win7.wim /SourceIndex:4 /DestinationImageFile:R:\Recovery\WindowsRE\install.wim /compress:maximum
    Dism /apply-image /imagefile:R:\Recovery\WindowsRE\install.wim /index:1 /ApplyDir:C:\
    c:\windows\system32\bcdboot.exe c:\windows
    copy c:\windows\system32\recovery\winre.wim r:\recovery\windowsre
    c:\windows\system32\reagentc /setreimage /path r:\recovery\windowsre /target c:\windows /bootkey 0x4300
    c:\windows\system32\reagentc /setosimage /path r:\recovery\windowsre /target c:\windows
    diskpart /s HideRecoveryPartitions-BIOS.txt


    select disk 0
    select partition 3
    set id=27
    list volume

    D: is USB Key

    Replace On your USB Install.wim rename this on Win7
    Replace On your USB Win7x64-BIOS.cmd, CreatePartitions-BIOS.txt and HideRecoveryPartitions.txt
    Copy Your Winpe Disk on USB

    For check f11 or f8 select your usb ont the menu and Boot Automatically !!!

    For Recovery option you can boot via the F9 key on your keyboard when the image is displayed bios at boot

    and be in the list of "Windows Resintall" option and clicked on this partiton is a fresh install will install all