Install Vista iso with or without key? (originally posted as "HELP")

Discussion in 'Windows Vista' started by rhedzki27, Jul 7, 2009.

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    rhedzki27, I personally haven't tested that particular or any other Vista SP2, as yet, but thanks for the reference I was looking for Vista SP2 Ultimate. Anyway back to u, when u are asked for the serial/key leave it BLANK and continue as normal. If it doesn't let u continue then google for a list of valid serial/keys or keygen for that version of Vista (this method is almost guaranteed NOT to work, just MY opinion.)

    This should allow u to continue with the installation of the OS (Vista) after IF it does AND doesn't encounter any problems then u SHOULD get to use Vista for 30 DAYS without a serial/key as compared to an INVALID serial/key which gives u ONLY 3 days of use.

    This is now your decision 30 days VS 3 days. At the end of the trial (when the days are up) the OS (Vista) locks u out of your computer and only asks u for a VALID serial/key. I can't tell you how to activate it after installation but look (google) for a crack or patch for windows genuine validation for Vista.

    I am currently using an official Vista SP1 Ultimate (pre-activated, It is already ACTIVATED immediately after it installs) so I can't really help u any further than this.
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