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    Some time ago (maybe 2 years?), i found some information about how to create a windows 10 USB installation media that had all windows 10 home related sections removed, essentially forcing windows 10 pro to install every time, regardless of the embedded key.

    I made one such usb stick and it has made life a LOT easier and completely skips the step of having windows 10 Home install then having to go back and use the upgrade key to get back to pro.

    Well, for the life of me i can't find the info any longer. No way i have come up to phrase my query has worked to produce results that take me back to how to remove the Home section out of installation media.

    I have lofty dreams of coming up with a completely customized ultimate usb boot/installation media stick with the following:

    Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
    Windows 8.1 Professional x64
    Windows 10 Professional 1511 x64
    Windows 10 Professional 1809 (or later, non-insider) x64
    Windows 10 Enterprise x64 (latest version)
    Latest linux flavor of my choice
    Hiren's Ultimate Restored

    I do not want any home version on this stick that might delay the installation.

    Can anyone point me to the info? i thought for sure i'd find it here, but all i seem to find is the method to allow a person to choose from Home or Pro, not to eliminate the Home files so there can't be a choice.

    It LOOKS like DISM was what i used to remove the Home section from install.wim, but while i can find stuff about how to look at the install.wim options, i haven't found how to remove a section yet.

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