Installation of Older Drivers on Windows 10

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by david_xross_2, Aug 3, 2015.

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    Aug 31, 2012
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    I have some older hardware (which have no support in Windows 10), Though I have their setups (installation files), but the Installation has no effect and Windows cannot detect that hardware. Is there some way thru which I can install these older drivers in Windows 10 and still have the device functioning? (btw these drivers are working perfectly under Windows 8.1).
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    Some may would work, others will not! You Could always try to install those drivers in Compatibility Mode and the chance they'll work is a little bit better!
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    Feb 2, 2013
    Download a copy of Auslogics Driver Updates Software. It's worth the money if you have to buy it. Before you upgrade to Win 10 run the driver software and you'll be surprised at what it will do for you. I used it for all of my Dell Windows 7 and 8 upgrades before going to 10 and had no problems when 10 upgraded. Hope this helps.