Installing latest Intel xHCI driver on Windows8.0 machine [need help]

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by Ruptcha, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Feb 17, 2016
    Hello everyone.

    I am trying to solve a SMART problem with an external USB 3.0 enclosure which has the Asmedia 1153E USB-to-SATA bridge chipset.

    Therefore I like to install the latest Intel extensible USB3.0 driver on my Windows8.0 (core) machine with Intel 7-series chipset. To see if this would fix it.

    The following link:
    "google: windows8 install intel xhci" (am not allowed to post links yet)

    ..suggests it is possible to install the Win7/Server2008 drivers (found on Intel_com) on a Win8.0 machine. By modifying the .INF files. This article dates from 2012 and the links for the modified .INF files are deleted. Can someone tell me how to modify the official INF files so I can install the newer latest xHCI driver?

    The actual problem I am trying to fix (if you really like to know);
    My external USB3.0 enclosure with Asmedia 1153E bridge/chipset does not allow Smartmontools to read the SMART data on the Sata drive in it. Many chipsets are supported by Smartmontools, even the Asmedia1153 (without 'E') chipset. But this 'E' version simply does not work. It also shows up as /dev/csmi0,0 while other SATA devices on the same USB3.0 port show up as regular /dev/sda-z when I run "smartctl --scan". I am puzzled.