installing my XP Pro SP3 OEM to another computer

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    Oct 22, 2012
    from win xp pro oem/sp3 archive:

    I see I'm not the only one lost.
    I'm reading topics for a few days but english is not easy for me and with all the methods, info, links to follow, etc.. I finally got a bit wasted. So, sorry if I'm boring, but I think the first think to do before going on is to ask for my way.

    what I have:

    * win XP pro SP2 original CD, OEM version with activation key for PC1 (home pc: msi k8n neo4 platinum (ms-7125) motherboard, Award Bios)
    * win XP pro SP3 made from the previous (same OEM, same key)
    PC1 is activated, legally and genuine.

    * an 8Gb USB pendrive

    * and a second PC, (MSI M635 (ms-1029) netbook, mobile amd turion 64 mt-34 motherboard, AMI bios)
    PC2 was also activated with it's own win XP Pro OEM version, but it's an old netbook and a friend didn't need it anymore so he gave it to me.

    But then, the hard drive of the netbook crashed and I tried to repair it with my XP CD (for PC1). The problem is that the install/repair of windows erased the activation and now it only works in safe mode and is no more activated. I have no installation CD for this netbook, only my xp CD from my home PC.

    what I would like to have:
    an usb stick that install my win XP pro on this netbook, genuine and activated without going online!

    I have not yet tested antiwpa, wga valdation tool, etc since I saw that in the forum you advise to use the oem slp method, but I don't fully understand how to do in my case. Does it have sense to apply it from a classic OEM CD version to make OEM SLP CD (or usb) version? In other words, can I make an OEM:slp version with offline activation for my netbook with my win xp pro sp3 OEM CD and the tools you are discussing about? (oem slp, oem bios changer...)

    thank you to make it a little bit more comprehensive for me, I tried my best in english :)
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    Oct 26, 2009
    You could make your own SLP CD by reading the stickied thread: How to.. That will help you all the way even if it might seem abit tricky in the beginning.
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    Feb 27, 2011
    also test hard disk S.M.A.R.T. info logs.. disk might have bad sectors hence why it looses activation (files corrupt?)