Insyde secure flash invalid firmware workaround?

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    Aug 26, 2018
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    I'm trying to unlock the hidden menus but I get the error "Secure Flash: Invalid firmware image!!!". Does anyone know how a work around?

    The set-up is
    Manufacturer: Dell
    Model: XPS 12 9Q23
    Version: A09
    Bios Type: Insysde
    Link: Cant post link. Just google Dell 9Q23, it's the first dell link that comes up

    The steps to get the modded bin
    1) Decompose the downloaded bios from Dell using Phoenix Tool
    2) Extract 'SetupUtility' package .rom>.mod
    3) Change bits with hex editor
    4) Compile using Phoenix tool with 'no SLIC', and 'allow user modification' selected
    5) Flashed with Dell provided InsydeFlash.exe

    I tried overriding secure flash in platform.ini but to no avail

    Would appreciate any help. Thanks