InsydeH2O BIOS - how to change vendor ID?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by evgbog, Aug 18, 2009.

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    Aug 15, 2009
    I have a problem with Acer Asipre One 531 (ZG8_3113.fd BIOS file). I cannot activate Win7 Enterprise with KMS server due to wrong SLIC table.

    SLIC Dump ToolKit Reports SLIC format error, RSDT shows "ACER ACER" and this doesn't match PubKey/Marker section.

    I also tried to remove SLIC from bios (removed 2 GUIDs in Insyde tool) bit still no luck - SLIC table still exists (but empty).

    What I need to change to pass SLIC data validation test in SLIC Dump ToolKit? How to change this "ACER ACER" RSDT field?

    I've decompressed and disasemmbled bios and found only 1 occurence of "ACER".

    seg000:00103850 sub_103850 proc near ; CODE XREF: sub_102774+2Bp
    seg000:00103850 ; sub_102774+210p
    seg000:00103850 arg_0 = dword ptr 4
    seg000:00103850 arg_10 = dword ptr 14h
    seg000:00103850 mov eax, [esp+arg_10]
    seg000:00103854 mov cl, [eax]
    seg000:00103856 test cl, cl
    seg000:00103858 mov byte ptr [eax], 0
    seg000:0010385B jnz short loc_10388A
    seg000:0010385D mov eax, [esp+arg_0]
    seg000:00103861 mov eax, [eax]
    seg000:00103863 cmp dword ptr [eax], 53434146h
    seg000:00103869 jz short loc_10388A
    seg000:0010386B mov ecx, 52454341h ; <-- this is "ACER"
    seg000:00103870 mov [eax+0Ah], ecx
    seg000:00103873 mov word ptr [eax+0Eh], 2020h
    seg000:00103879 mov [eax+10h], ecx
    seg000:0010387C mov dword ptr [eax+14h], 20202020h
    seg000:00103883 mov dword ptr [eax+1Ch], 35323031h
    seg000:0010388A loc_10388A: ; CODE XREF: sub_103850+Bj
    seg000:0010388A ; sub_103850+19j
    seg000:0010388A xor eax, eax
    seg000:0010388C retn
    seg000:0010388C sub_103850 endp
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    Aug 15, 2009
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    Here it is information that OEM ID cannot be changed in Insyde BIOS. But there is no explanations, why.

    Please, give any cooment on this.

    I think code above is exact place where OEM ID is sets. You can see that "ACER" is placed twice, with spaces (2020h) between.
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    Feb 6, 2010

    what utility did you use to dump the bios?
    and how are you editing it?