Integrating Diskpart script by Murphy78

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    Hello everyone from this forum,
    For my own iso collection of windows 10 i'm creating an aio iso with msdart and the diskpart script created by murphy78 included.
    Until now everything went well with a little help from my friend google.
    i've created the iso from the combined x86 and x64 iso and created own installl.wim's with all versions i want included.
    Unfortunately i'm having a problem with the application of the cab files. the problem is that the files are for 10240 build, and can't be added to the boot.wim.
    How can i solve this problem?

    p.s i did use the search function, didn't see any people having this problem with 10586.

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    Extract the 2 cabs, copy/paste the exe file to mount(boot.wim#2):\windows\system32 and the mui file to the windows\system32\en-US folder. Info is coming from murphy78 by pm when i asked him at the release of 10586.

    winrecfg.exe > mount(boot.wim#2):\windows\system32

    winrecfg.exe.mui > mount(boot.wim#2):\windows\system32\en-US