Intel DG33TL SLIC 2.1 Mod

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    Sep 4, 2009
    I have an Intel DG33TL motherboard that has no SLIC at all ( I've been using XP x64 Corp so I never looked into modding it for Vista)

    Looking to get it SLIC2.1 for Win 7. Suicide told me to post the request here since there is no Intel section.

    Also, I've heard that 7free was able to mod the DG33FB bios (but no links were given) so I am thinking that this is not one of the EFI Intels that can't be modded, however I could be wrong since I don't know how to check. Anyways, here is the info.

    -Manufacturer: Intel
    -Motherboard Model: DG33TL / DG33BU / DG33FB / DP35DP
    -Bios revision: 0517
    -Bios Type: Intel
    -Bios Download Link:
    -RW Everything Report Download Link:

    I listed all boards that use this bios so that anyone with one of these boards will know they too can use this patch when someone makes it.

    Also, I am linking to the 0517 bios file because there is apparently a flaw with the newest 0572 that causes some motherboards to not boot even though the update was supposedly successful. Rather than risk it, I'd rather use the safe revision for now.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Nov 7, 2009
    Hi, I too was in need of the same Bios slic above, if it's been done, please post the download link. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Nov 12, 2009
    @ Mudbubble
    Two questions.
    1. Have u finally succeeded in locating what u were looking for? ifso can u shareor provide some links.

    2. If not, have you succeeded in running Win-7 in your DG33FB motherboard, with any other methods reliably?
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    I am running for last few months without any problem 7loader 1.6 by hazar. (dg33bu)
  7. Mudbubble

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    Sep 4, 2009
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    I was able to inject a SLIC 2.1 Table into the EFI of my motherboard with the Intel OA2 Tool. This is a permanent patch and equivalent to a regular 2.1 bios hack/flash.

    I did it months ago and forgot to post the tool here. It will inject a Dell 2.1 table into the efi and then you just need to isert Dell certificate and key and your good to go.

    I assume this tool will work any Intel EFI board that uses my bios and possibly others as well. Instructions below are also included in the zip.

    Intel OA2 Tool -


    Set Date back to 1/1/09 then,

    Run OA2Intel.cmd from an Administrator Command Prompt

    1. extract to c:\oa2intel\
    2. cmd "run as admin"
    3. oa2intelwin.exe erase
    4. restart pc
    5. cmd "run as admin"
    6. oa2intelwin.exe update dellpubkey.bin dellmarker.bin DELLSign.bin
    7. restart pc
    8. insert Dell certificate and serial
    9. restart pc
    10. verify in Properties if it's activated

    Your Done!