Intel S5520HC overclocking (Custom BIOS or clockgen documentation required) ...

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    Jul 16, 2014
    Hey , i am a Fully Buffered DIMM :D

    Oh yes, my first topic and the first topic in this sub forum

    I got a bit more rencent CPU - Westmere-EP Xeon X5650 with somewhat decent mainboard (Intel S5520HC - Intel 5520 chipset socket 1336 mainboard ) and since I was not overclocking such CPU on this board cuz its not possible , I would like to get some tips from guys that are sucesfull and know, how to overclock this system

    My goal is to overclock and to raise the BCLK from 133 to at least 150 and it should be possible cuz its the same chipset and clockgen like on the evga sr2 motherboard

    I tried to use SetFSB but it didnt work cuz the clockgen is not listed

    The clockgen was made by Realtek and its a Realtek RTM 868 Clockgenerator

    The problem is , i am not able to find any documentation or datasheet and i called the intel and realtek support but they are not allowed to give out any information to regular citizen

    There are some server motherboards with ability of overclocking for Socket B and 5520 and 5500 Chipset so i guess it should be possible as well

    I tried to write some values into the clockgen but it didnt accept my values

    i was able to access the clockgen by accessing the SMBus at SMBus device adress 0xD2 and 0xD3 @ offset 10bytes

    this are the default values of the clockgen

    3F1E F77F 05FC 201E 0159 16 bit word

    the next one below has worked but led into a crash of the system

    AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA 0A0AAAAA AAAAAAAA @offset 24 byte 32bit dword

    The next one has worked as well but led into a crash

    --> F97D3E1F 421F08FF 00000465 32bit dword @offset 10byte

    i dont know where i can find the BCLK .. maybe some1 can help me

    3F1E F77F 05FC 201E 0159

    i think the easier way would be to to create a custom bios .. i would pay a lot of money for it

    i just want to raise the baseclock and /or qpi clock and uncore clock

    i got an Intel S5520 Hanlan Creek motherboard and 2 x Xeon X5650 CPUs

    The SMBus device is an ICH9 or ICH10 SMBus

    if you need some information.. send me a message