Intel Server board bios ALIEF113.ROM question

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    I have a new server to set up, not out of the box yet. Motherboard is Intel SE7520AF2 - this is the bios file for it - ALIEF113.ROM, I used AMI tool to insert Dell slic as it looks like an AMI bios file. Tool says slic, slp, and cert all match. Operation came up success, no problems. Question is, I know Intel bios are an issue - safe to try this out after flashing with the unmodded bios? Just like to know the odds before I take the plunge, so any input is appreciated. If the general feeling is that the OA tool is the way to go, then that's the path I'll take. The board dates from 2006 and uses afudos as an update tool, so I treated it as an AMI bios file... started wondering if maybe that was not correct assumption.