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    Hi guys,
    I read an article which talk about the trend using intelligent systems.
    I think it is worth reading. Share the article and some related articles and websites with you.

    In the 21st century, the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) technology has already generated many new applications that improve human life, bringing us the comforts, convenience, and efficiencies of digital signage, bank queuing systems, bus arrival prediction systems, and automobile parking service systems, to name just a few. These applications are usually carried out by thin-client computers and devices hooked to a network with a centralized server. Many of the terminal-end computers are deployed in commercial, industrial, or transportation spaces, indoors or out, and they need to be rugged and durable; smaller form factors and less power consumption are desirable, with a view to saving space, cost, and energy.
    For instance, it’s suited for commercial digital signage applications which require connection with electronics devices. A typical scenario is a bank queuing system, which often has two displays at the bank counter—one for showing queuing numbers and the other for broadcasting videos or other information.
    For applications that need to connect with more peripheral devices, many of which still use serial data transfer interfaces. A typical application scenario, for instance, is that of a parking facility management system, the palm-size fanless intelligent system can integrate automatic toll collection, receipt printing and cash machine. More to the points, Computers used in such outdoor applications need to be ultra-rugged and reliable.

    If you are interested you can check this video(source: )
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    If you post articles, please post the real link to the publishers webssite and NOT and re-link which goes to different sites first! That's unsecure and many don't working anyway!
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