Intergrating drivers. boot.wim or install.wim ?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by tnx, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. tnx

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    Sep 2, 2008
    Hi all.
    tn here,messing again,I have nowt better to do.

    Been messing about now for a wee while making my self my own uptodate Windows 7 SP1 x64 install disc.
    I have sacked RT7 Lite all together.
    I have learnt how to use DISm GUI 3. This is a nice little tool.
    Also I learnt a lovely little .cmd from NICK@NUMBER11 ( I thank you ) This is really neat.
    I have altered his coding to suit my needs ever so slightly and it works really well.

    I have a question though regarding intergrating drivers. Where to and why there ?

    What I mean is do I just intergrate them into the "install.wim"
    or into the "boot.wim"
    or both ?

    Another thing. I have removed all the index's from the Windows 7 install.wim and just left the Ultimate index (index 1)

    In the "boot.wim" there are two index's
    I have tried intergrating drivers into just the "index :2" and some work while others dont.
    I have not tried intergrating the drivers into both index's. I am actually doing this as I type.
    Not tested it yet. It was on my mind to know what the differences are between "boot.wim index 1 and index 2"

    Infact can the same driver be intergrated into both the "install.wim" and the "boot.wim. ( index 1 and index 2 )
    Or is that just been silly.

    Is there a rule of thumb on where a certain type of driver should be intergrated into to ?

    I am sure somebody on here can help me out with these questions.

    Any way.
    Thanks for reading this rather long winded post...;)

    Cheers :cool:
  2. Tito

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    Nov 30, 2009
    Integrate them in install.wim.

    Boot.wim has two images; one for installing windows, other one for the recovery environment. Integrating drivers in boot.wim is useless except mass storage drivers.
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  3. tnx

    tnx MDL Expert

    Sep 2, 2008

    What you just said then makes a lot of sence.
    What I mean is, I am actually installing Windows 7 onto a SATA HDD but using another smaller 55Gig SATA HDD via my e-SATA port to install from. This took me a little while to figue out that I had to intergrate the SIL SATA driver into the "boot.wim" index 2. so my machine would boot from that port.

    This is what go me to thinking where to intergrate my drivers to.

    "install.wim" it is then.


    ohhhh. One more thing just pops into mind.
    My NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT disply drivers will NOT intergrate into "install.wim" it does not matter if I use a command line of the DISM gui tool but they do go into "boot.wim" index 2.....
    They seem to work ok.
    Is this just a waste of time ?

    Thanks very much for the pointers on this...;)
  4. tnx

    tnx MDL Expert

    Sep 2, 2008


    Which "boot.wim" index is which.
    Slightly confused..

    NICK@NUMBER11 MDL Expert

    Mar 23, 2010
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    Unpack the exe installer and then the Nvida Driver will work ok

  6. tnx

    tnx MDL Expert

    Sep 2, 2008

    Will give that a go. Never thought of doing that.

  7. Flipp3r

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    You can install USB & Raid/AHCI drivers to both Index 1 & 2... ei, Add USB3 support...
    If you use WinPE over the network, you can add Network drivers... etc...