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    Oct 15, 2008
    New to this site, so bear with me! :)

    Has ANYBODY used the Intermec PB50? Reason being my store here in "Old Blighty" has decided to go with the times and insist on us poor shop workers to use this barcode reader thing! :confused: We are happy to move with the times but are we doing something wrong with it?!
    It takes ages to print out the labels ( I could make myself a cup of tea in the time it takes to decide to print a label!)
    I was the one that managed to feed the reel so that the backing paper came away from the labels, (because nobody else could be bothered to work it out) but alas my star slowly fell because when it came to printing more than one, they printed off so quickly that they stuck to each other!!!
    I could not find the manual at work so I looked it up on the net.
    As this machine (We have 2) cost in the region of £800 each I am not going to risk pushing buttons etc if it needs more than a quick 'tweek' to get it sorted out!
    Consequently we are not using it as it takes us twice as long to do the task.
    By the way we have to use a hand held control panel thing to scan,price and select the number of labels (not au fait with the lingo!)

    any help or suggestions would be gratefully received!