International characters in command scripts

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    Hi there,
    I got a problem. I cannot use any file names in in command scripts that have international characters in their names.

    This works in the command prompt:
    del "Programkompatibilitási varázsló.lnk"
    The file will be deleted just fine.

    Then, I open up notepad and copy-paste the same command line (the characters how up in Notepad properly), save it and run it, I get this:
    Could Not Find D:\Programkompatibilitßsi varßzsl≤.lnk
    Next, I save the same cmd script as unicode (again, the characters how up in Notepad properly), and run it. Then get this:
    '■d' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.
    Is there any way to use file names with international characters in their name?

    Thank you.

    PS. I tried referring to the files with their short names, but it did not work.
    It's not just the del command - it's any command, for example this does not work neither:
    NET.EXE USER Segítségnyújtó /delete
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