Invalid XP-key on COA-label (Toshiba laptop)

Discussion in 'Windows XP / Older OS' started by Glud, Jun 18, 2010.

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    Feb 6, 2010
    Hi guys!

    I'm currently reformatting a friends old Toshiba Sattelite Pro U200 laptop. When promted for the CD-key, I used the one found on the COA-lable on the bottom of the laptop but was not allow futher access because of an "invalid key". Googling a little, I found out that the installation only accepted so called corporate keys (VLK) since the installation disc, which my friend provided with the laptop, was a coporate-one.

    So, I did spend some more time at Google and found out that the disc easily could be changed to an OEM-disc by modding the setupp.ini file found in the i386-folder. So I did, but it still gave me an "invalid key" message after another formatting+install.

    Now, what the hell do I do?

    The disc is a danish version og XP Professional with SP3 (I have a bad feeling that it's a slipstream SP3 edition).

    Last note, I'm trying to do this the legal way since I have the product-key on the COA-label (i really can't belive that it's an invalid key MS/Toshiba printed just for teh lawlz).
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    How about you READ the stickies, they are there for a VERY GOOD REASON!
    CoA key is might be able to activate by phone, but why bother?
    Make OEM Tosh CD, you are as legal as you can be (as you HAVE the sticker anyway)

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    The COA-Lable that has the product key can only be used for OEM Installation and not VL, and the product key be only used for one installation at time. So, You have to buy another product key for your Windows XP SP3 Danish (COA Product key), and not OEM or VL, If another COA Product key would not work, Buy the OEM one.
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    Bumping 6 years old threads isn't a good idea.

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