Is there any real purpose to UAC?

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Hannibal Lecter, Jul 15, 2013.

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    After doing a lot of research, I still do not understand if there is a real purpose to UAC. All I see on my computer is, that it asks me every single time I want to use an application, which I use every day, (f.e. ccleaner) If I really want to use it. It keeps asking every day, although every day of all those years I have been using Win7 I have answered the same question with a yes, and UAC does not even offer a whitelist! And not once in all that time have I had a software when my answer to the UAC popup was actually a no....

    I do not know, and I have not found an anser to my question, if UAC does actually do something else too, that might be needed.

    Can I set it to its lowest setting, can I somneone disable it completley and how do I do it.
    (I am the only one using my computer)
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    Setting 3 I find best, instead of'll be notified if you click a disquised .exe or some rogue app tries to install itself...
    While surfing it is a worthwhile added protection without the annoyance IMO.
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    Thank you both.

    So, my assumption is correct that it ONLY does anything at all, when I try to use some software? I was afraid I might also switch off something else?

    Is there any reason why UAC has no white list?
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    Good info is hard to find sometimes Rick, I am sure everyone will understand the reason for the thread necromancy this time lol