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    Hi guys, no questions here just my experience with Vista. A new Acer Vista laptop purchased 3 months ago was great until the November MS patches knocked out my sound card. I was able to fix that up myself.

    This months update including 2 service packs really upset the machine. Explorer ground to a crawl often not responding at all.

    Tried a system restore prior to the download, Windows would not allow the machine to go back beyond that point, The service packs can not be uninstalled either.

    Finally after tolerating the snail pace explorer for a couple of days I tried to reformat, that failed when after going through the reformat from the Acers recovery partition I get a message saying it could not proceed as there was a file missing. Same thing happened with the recovery disks I had made.

    Acer did not seem surprised and booked it in under warranty. I picked it up on Boxing day with a new hard disc inserted.

    Weeee it was back up to speed, being busy for Xmas I left it unattended after a mental abberation (bourbon induced) caused me to forget to block auto MS updates.

    Blow me down, I return many hours later to the puta to find explorer buggered again, did not take long to find out why when I noticed my download usage. MS had installed the patches again.

    No worries I thought, just reformat. Bugger me It did the same thing again, reformat failed/return to factory settings failed, boot disk failed, a mirror image I made with Acronis went through the motions reporting success but on start the machine did the same thing, fail to boot faults. 3 calls to different people in Acer walking me through everything failed.

    So I am about to go out now to take it back again. This time when I get it back I am going to swap it for my girlfriends Acer with XP. She is not on the net and will never get any MS updates.

    The same updates did not affect this HP XP laptop I am using at the moment.

    Happy New Year to you all.
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