KUC a utility to check you Windows 7; 2008 R2; WMS; or Win embedded update status

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    Jun 16, 2011
    Change Log
    • Downgrade .net requirements from 4.0 to 3.5 to use KUC on a fresh installed system.
    • Checking for Admin rights at program start
    • Checking if output file is open at program start and retry option
    • Moving of inactive window now possible
    • Increase checking and output speed
    • Server Grouppolicy and VMdriver are checked by default.
    • New Select Option: KUC use “GDR/LDR to keep” to avoid 'update available':
      Some superseded updates pop up with 'new updates are available', if they are not installed.
      If you check this box, KUC will take care that these updates are installed.
      If you uncheck this box you have to hide these updates manually. (right click on the update + select hide update).
    • “Copy_Files_2_add” now divides updates in Normal and LDR updates.
    • “Copy_Files_2_add” now checks if all files were copied.
    • You now can minimize all KUC windows to bring Excel “to the top”.
    • You can create “update.cmd” files to install Normal and/or LDR updates.
    • Limit the number of updates to serve to 75 as option.
    • Normal Updates will be installed via .cab files to avoid dism error 0x80070032. LDR updates via update-bf.mum.
    • New BAD packages resolver.
      If KUC finds BAD packages in your installations, KUC creates cmd files to solve the problem. You must not change any options, only the “from” and “to” folders.
      First run “Copy_files_2_add.cmd”;
      second run “update_Normal.cmd”;
      then restart your system and run KUC again.
      If the above procedure does not solve you problem run “Remove_old.cmd”
    • New command line options: “/repo-dir:” and “/up-dir:”
      Use a shortcut to KUC and call KUC with the /repo-dir: and/or the /up-dir: switch
      If you do this you don’t have to set the folders every time you run KUC.
    • Normal Update installation:
      First run “Copy_files_2_add.cmd”;
      second run “update.cmd” in the “WU” folder;
      then restart your system and run KUC again.
      Note: some updates require other updates to be installed first, so allow some DISM error messages. For online installations, you should run “Remove_old.cmd” after all updates are installed. For image installations, you should always run the remover first.
    • Moving output options to a separate window + adding a lot new output options.
    • Show overview of the KUC-States at the output windows
    • Option to create Remove_old.cmd
    • Option to create Copy_files_2_add.cmd
    • Possibility to select a update repository (see also /repo-dir: switch)
    • Possibility to select a working folder
    • Option to create update.cmd
    • Option to limit the number of updates
    • Known BUGS: For server installations, keep care that the correct 917607 is placed in your repository folder, else KUC will always install and remove the (wrong) client version.
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    Jun 16, 2011
    the cmds of KUC

    If you ran KUC you get 5 cmd files:

    In the following example I want to describe what they do.

    I assume the following:
    Repository Folder: c:\wu_Repo
    Working Folder: c:\wu
    KUC located in: c:\wu
    Normal update are updates that are installed via the .cab files
    LDR updates are updates that need to be installed via the update-bf.mum files

    What to do:

    1. Run copy_files_2_add.cmd
    This copies all needed updates from the repository folder C:\wu_Repo to the working folder c:\wu.

    It also divides the updates in Normal and LDR updates. They are placed in the folders
    Caution: Since C:\wu is a working folder the subfolders c:\wu\Normal and c:\wu\LDR will be deleted at the beginning of copy_files_2_add to remove old updates in this working folder.
    If updates are missing they are downloaded form the internet and placed in the subfolders.

    2. Run update.cmd
    This installs the updates of the working folders c:\wu\normal and c:\wu\LDR

    Before installing the updates 2 subfolders are created
    Caution: This folders are also cleaned at the beginning.

    1. all .msu in c:\wu\normal\ are extracted to c:\wu\normal\cab
    2. all .cab files in c:\wu\normal folder are copied to the c:\wu\normal\cab subfolder.
    This two steps are needed since there might be some updates, that are only available as cabs.
    3. the cabs files in the c:\wu\normal\cab folder are divided in 9xxxxx, 2xxxxxx and other files.
    4. the 9xxxxx cabs are installed with dism
    5. the 2xxxxxx cabs are installed with dism.
    6. the other cabs are installed with dism
    As last step the c:\wu\normal\cab folder is removed.

    After the normal updates are installed, the LDR updates follow the same way as the Normal updates, with one exception:
    the cabs are also extracted and the update is done via the update-bf.mum

    So if you modify any variables inside the cmds take care not to point the working folder to the repo folder. That will end in lost of files!

    3. Run remove_old.cmd
    This will remove all unneeded updates found.
    Before you do this, you should run KUC again to see if all updates were installed.

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    Jun 16, 2011
    Change Log:

    • In the last version the numbers of the superseding updates were missing. (Thanks to PointZero)
    • Update.cmd will now correctly be placed in the working folder.
    • Updated database.
    • If there was a delimiter in the work folder name, copy_Files_2_add did not work correctly. (Thanks to RickSteele)​
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    Jan 25, 2012
    . net4 included?
    . net4 contains the more beautiful is that?
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    Jan 31, 2008
    Komm first I would like to say thanks for all your hard work on this. Now I have a few questions

    1. The Copy from folder should be looking for the files at c:\wu_Repo (Right?) if this is the case I have the folder and files there and every time I run the KUC UpdateChecker it says that the folder does not exist. Any thought why it is not seeing the folder and files?

    2. The update_LDR and update_Normal commands if you edit them for use with a mounted image should show the notes as follows.

    This is what you have now and this is what I think you should update it to.

    rem use the following line for offline image at d:\offline
    remset Option=C:\offline (I Changed The D to C here because the site wants to make it a smiley)

    rem use the following line for offline image at d:\offline
    remset Option=/image:C:\offline (I Changed The D to C here because the site wants to make it a smiley)

    3. If this is something you could do easily it would be nice to be able to select if we wanted all the command files built for image integration with it either selecting the current path to the mounted wim or allowing us to type in the path where the mount image will be.

    4: Another thing that would be nice is if there was a setting ini file so we could select thing once and not have to always select or deselect them. One example is the Limit to 75 updates I always deselect it but every time I run the program I have to deselect it again.

    Like I said thanks for this excellent program and the last two items were just suggestions.
  6. komm

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    Jun 16, 2011
    Yes. You have started KUC "run as admin", but this admin has no rights to c:\wu_Repo.
    I have the same situation. All my updates are on my server.
    When I start KUC on a client (UAC enabled) with "run as admin" I have no rights to my update repository.

    Try 1. start KUC with admin rights to create the packages.txt
    Then leave KUC and start it without admin rights.
    Now KUC should see the folder?
    KUC needs the admin right only for creating the packages.txt file.
    You could also create the packages.txt using the get_packages.cmd file and then start KUC (without Admin).
    Does that solve your problem?

    You are totally right. I change that in the next version.

    It's on the plan, a checkbox for offline integration.

    Also a good idea. It would also remove the need of setting the folders. I'll see.

    Just a question: If you make an offline installation are you doing that for installation DVD or a vm-vhd?

    Thanks for your Thanks and Suggestions.
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    Jun 16, 2011
    Sorry don't understand you question.
    I try to guess.
    KUC does not search for .net4.0 updates.
    The main reason is, it's hard enough to hold the program with Win7 / W2008R2 updates and hotfixes up to date.
    The second reason is .net4.0 is not part of Win7 only .net 3.5
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    Jun 16, 2011
    Change Log:
    • “BAD” updates did not download
    • Windows6.1-KB2603229-x64.msu was corrupt on my server
    • Position of IE counter corrected
    • Position of Option window 2 corrected, for font scaling
    • Win7 does not wait for “RMDIR” or “RD” to complete (some computer), that’s a strange behaviour.
      I add a loop to wait in the cmd files
      If you see the “wait for RMDIR” to long (more than some seconds) the folder to remove is in use.
      Cancel the cmd; close open programs; start the cmd again
    • Update.cmd does not contain Update_LDR any more, if BAD packages were found.
      So you can always call update.cmd
    • The pause after 10 removes is removed in the remover (I like that sentence)
    • If an old version of 2506143 is installed, it now gets KUC-State REMOVE and the newer version
      gets “ADD/LATER”. After removing the old version, remember to install 2506143 exclusively.
      I suggest: Do not install 2506143. I had problems on my 2008R2 server with the
      installation of the Rollup-Update for SP1 of Exchange 2010 (a powershell cmd failed).
      After removing 2506143 no problems.
      Also don’t integrate it into an installation DVD. Setup will not work.
      Note that 2506143 requires .Net 4.0 witch is normally not installed in the DVD.
      Since the KUC-state is now ADD/EXCLUSIVE, it will not install automatically
    • change offline installation line to /image:c:\offline in updater (Thanks to dolivas)
    • packages.txt file can now be unicode-encoded (Special for RickSteele)
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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Yes, I want to say. Net4 search.
    For example;
    Added: KB2600217, KB2633870, KB2656351
    Removed: KB2416472, KB2539636

    "Remove_Old.cmd" I ran as administrator
    When finished, the computer booted up again.
    I ran Windows Update.
    The number of found and installed the update, 21
    "Remove_Old.cmd" was loaded with deleted back again.
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    Jun 16, 2011

    • Updated database.
    • Number of known updates 988
    • This time there were so many database changes => so I didn't change anything other.
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    Jun 16, 2011
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    · New update downloader inside of KUC.
    This downloader allows you to download missing updates
    directly inside of KUC. The old method via wget is removed.
    KUC now downloads missing updates from 3 different servers,
    so a maximum of 9 simultaneously downloads is possible.
    This eliminates the need of downloading the very large .7z files.
    You only download what you really need; with impressive download speed.
    The updates will be downloaded to the repository folder. I think that makes sense,
    one folder to collect the updates, one work folder to update the system.

    · Updated database.
    · Number of known updates 1000.
    · A lot of minor bugs removed.
    · New auto check for KUC version-update and internal downloader.
    · Solved BUG that 1 update was missing in the output file.
    · Maximum number of updates now is editable.
    · This will be the last KUC version I publish on mediafire.
    · Thanks again to PointZero for extensive bug checking.
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    Jun 16, 2011
  13. komm

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    Jun 16, 2011
    #35 komm, Apr 13, 2012
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    · Some minor bugs removed
    · Updated download links.
    · Check for admin rights changed (old way took to long on server editions).
    · Added information about some unknown updates.
    · Sometimes select options 1 window came in front of select option 2 window.
    · Known issues: depending on your virus scanner download stay a long time at about 99%.
    · uploaded 943790x64 again due to file corruption.
  14. komm

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    Jun 16, 2011

    · Updated database
    · 2 new updates.
  15. abbodi1406

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    Feb 19, 2011
    your program wants me to add version of KB2545698 (both GDR &LDR)
    where do i get it from?
    the official update only has verion

    sorry for bad english :)
  16. komm

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    Jun 16, 2011

    · Download of KUC now visible (Thanks to pointzero for the suggestion).
    · 1BUG fix: Ntbackup was mistakenly found as present (ver. 8.2.5-8.2.7)