Laptop 6 split screen problem SOLVED!!!....NO JOKES HERE!!!

Discussion in 'Virtualization' started by Kerveros, Mar 23, 2010.

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    Hi all!!! I write here to tell you all, that I solved the 6 split screen problem and help all those have the same as I had….Well first of all let start with this. I have a Turbo X M66SRU Laptop.
    Turbo X is how they call it here in Greece. It is also known as Clevo M66SRU in Other countries. To everyone bought this laptop was unlucky. Very bad factory made (Just like they did it on purpose) anyway that explains its “cheap” price according to other laptops. So lets get to the point.
    A year after buying it started the 6 split problem. Also was not booting windows XP and I also getting green red vertical lines on screen. On top of that I was also getting un identifying characters and couldn’t read a thing. I got crazy and my first option was to google on net to find what was going on. The results were disappointing me as were confusing me more and more. Anyway I tried all the options I had found. Format the Hard Disk. Reinstalling Windows XP…nothing, always the same thing. Suddenly after some tries on the repair console I repaired the boot sectors of the HD and after restarting the laptop the screen came back to normal. I was surprised and got happy but after a few hours and another restart it became like it was. Anyway I was trying to fix this 4 months now. I figured out that the GPU was not burned or completely damaged so what the F… was going on?
    Anyway…Today I made a format on it using Windows XP SP3 version and after formatting and installing in set up fixed the problem I got happy again I installed the drivers need and thought all was ok but after rebooting again the same thing but this time I could boot in XP. So how I fixed it…Well it has to do with the temperature…after so much googling I came to the conclusion that it’s the temperature. Yes! And so it was…
    So what I did was to open the laptop all you need is the right screw drivers, experience with pc hardware and a lot of patience. Believe me M66SRU is not the easiest laptop to open and locate the hardware. I had to make it all parts to locate the onboard NVIDIA chipset under the metallic heat sink (Not to mention that was the worst heat sink I had ever seen).
    The chipsets under the heat sink had no thermal compound but having something like a stick on them. I removed it immediately and clean the surface. I did that on NVIDIA chipset and on VIA Motherboard chipsets. Actually in areas the thermal stick was. I also cleaned and the processor. So I used the thermal compound and as I was watching all the parts of the laptop being here and there I was wondering ….was it worth? Anyway after putting all pieces back together and put the last screw on laptop was the time…So I did it. It was finally ok!
    I put the drivers again everything worked perfect. After 4 months I could change the screen resolution. I said that this is a good sign that all was good now. I did a lot of restarts and nothing happened all ok! But I did something very important. I installed a program to check the CPU and GPU temperature and the temperatures in GPU are bad…87c minimum temp and 96 maximum temp just copying files on desktop. So I can imagine the temperature before I fix it. I wonder how didn’t completely damaged the GPU. Anyway I will make a box and have cooler fans on it so to put the laptop on top and to be cooled by the fans from the bottom of it….haha I will figure out something…
    Anyway I am happy I didn’t gave 200euro and 460euro to the company I bought it
    And I fixed it myself.
    So I really hope I will help other people about fixing this s**t cause its really all bad architecture problem and not bad use from those who bought it (Even if there are some)LOL.
    If you have any questions here is my mail
    1) If you don’t have any experience with laptops don’t try to open it. You might cause worst damage than it already has.
    2) In some laptops like HP and DELL etc… it is easy to locate the GPU (Good architecture)
    3) I will upload links with all the drivers need for XP so not to google and waste time
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