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    Hi all, a friend has Laptop Trial version of Office 2010 that has expired. She lives very far away so I was going to use Remote Assistance to check it out but I need to know a few things before I do that. Apparently it still works in read mode but nags for a key.

    Firstly how can I tell if it is a Starter or Student or other version.

    Could it possibly be a version that has all functions but some might be hidden and come to life depending on what type of serial is entered, (or doesn't it work like that)?

    I was going to use the Toolkit to fix it or should the Trial be uninstalled and a full installation off disc replace it.

    Is there any indication in the Registry that I can look for with regard to what products may be installed.

    If it is only a Starter or Student then the channel changing functions will be of no use, is that correct?

    Thankyou in advance.

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    Go into any Office application click File > Help and it will tell you what version it is, it won't be Starter as it's free & doesn't nag when started up.

    It will likely be a retail release if it came on the computer as new, unless you have a genuine key there is very little you can do with retail to keep it running without nags, best thing to do is uninstall it & either get a Volume edition & run Trilogy 3.2 or run the Office 2010 Starter setup which is really straight forward & install's Word & Excel (albeit in limited form) but it's up to your friend's needs on what you install ;)