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    I've read until my eyes hurt and have successfully confused myself more than I was before I started. I have a new-ish laptop that came pre-installed with Windows 10. I would like to do a clean install of the latest build with the latest updates already included in the install. I can't find that solution on here as it seems most of the posts on here deal with upgrading to Win 10 or changing from a Ed or Home version to an Enterprise or other more advanced version. Would someone care to tell me what I need to do? I would settle for a link to a thread that explains this as surely one exists. Maybe someone else's search skills are better than mine.

    Thanks guys!
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    Download a clean MSDN/VLSC iso, extract it and run @abbodi1406's W10UI script on it with the current 3 updates next to the script.

    Or when you want the most current (most likely to be the final 1709) edition, just download the 16299.15 UUP files and convert to ISO.
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    Thank you @Enthousiast! Got 16299 installed on two computer tonight. Your help was greatly appreciated. Note: That's some shady site hosting the UUP files.
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